U.S. Department of State Evolve Request for Proposals (RFP)

Subject: U.S. Department of State Evolve Request for Proposals (RFP)
Solicitation Number: 19AQMM23R0042
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 541513
Set-Aside: Partial Small Business
Notice Published: 09-18-23
Response Due: 05-10-23

Contact: Michael Dickson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (202) 445-7385
Office Address: WASHINGTON, DC 20520

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Amendment 9 (P0009) The purpose of this amendment is to provide responses to timely questions not previously addressed by the government for Functional Category One (FC1). Please review "Additional Questions and Answers FC1. v.2" attached for the government's response. ------------------------------ Amendment 8 (P0008) The Purpose of this amendment is to incorporate version 8 (eight) of the RFP (Please review 19AQMM23R0042.v7 Tracked Changes P0008 and clean version P0008, and all attachments accompanying P0008 for the full scope of this amendment). Also see, amendment 6 (six) of the RFP for instructions on submitting phase 2 (two) proposals. Amendment 8 encompasses the following: Provide government answers to offeror questions for Functional Categories (FC) 2, 4, and outstanding questions from FC1. Amend Section B resulting from offeror questions. Amend Table L4 Phase 2 Page Restrictions, to address cover page restrictions. Resolve a clerical error for the table of contents for Attachment J-35. Network Services STO (See Attachment J-35 Network Services STO.v3). Update Attachment J-28 Subcontracting Plan to remove references to VOSB and a 42% small business goal, consistent with updates made during amendment 1 (See Attachment J-28 Small Business SubK Plan.v3). Update proposal delivery due dates for phase 2 (two) as follows: FC1 5 October 2023 FC4 5 October 2023 FC2 6 October 2023 Note: Proposal due dates for FC3 and FC5 shall be specified in offeror advisory opt-in or Opt-out notification letters. ------------------------------ Amendment 7, (P0007) Posted 9/5/2023. Amendment 0007 provides answers to questions pertaining to revised pricing and technical proposal submission instructions provided within Amendment 0006 of this RFP (See attachment: Evolve Questions and Answers.v3). ------------------------------- Amendment 6, (P0006) posted 08/10/2023 The Purpose of this amendment is to incorporate version 6 (six) of the RFP (Please review 19AQMM23R0042.v6 P0006 Tracked and clean versions, and all attachments with P0006 for full scope of this amendment). The changes captured within amendment 6 are as follows: The Government will conduct 5 (five) separate source selections under this solicitation. Advisory down-select notices will be furnished to industry on a rolling basis as the government completes evaluations for each Functional Category (FC). Down-select notices for FCs 1 through 5 are not scheduled to go out in a particular order. The timelines for issuance of the advisory down-select notifications, source selection timelines and best value award decisions for any FC will not affect the timelines for the other FCs. The government anticipates releasing all down select notices by the end of September 2023 (See Provision L.4 Proposal Schedule) Remove Michael Ku as Contracting Officer and replace him with Michael Dickson. Includes changes to Section B to clarify Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) references, including minimum and maximum quantities, fully loaded hourly labor rates, travel costs, overtime hours, Cost Price related Laws (See Section B). Retire the use of Symphony for all aspects of this procurement and request phase II proposals and all correspondence to be submitted via email. Any remaining references to Symphony pertain to phase 1 (one) only (see attachments 19AQMM23R0042.v6 TrackedP0006 and 19AQMM23R0042.v6 version P0006). Update numbering of Table C910 to read Table C9: Capability Areas within Network and Telecommunications Functional Category. This is only a numbering change to the table. Update the Draft Evolve Ordering Guide, Attachment J-24 (Refer to attachment J-24 Evolve Ordering Guide v2 tracked P0006 and Clean P0006 ). Update the price proposal instructions and incorporate revised pricing tables (Provision L.19.1 Price Proposal Information, and attachments J-9A through J-9E P0006). Update the method for questions submission to email only (See provision L.5 Communications and Questions). Those Offerors who Opt-In must submit their Opt-in decision, questions, and their Phase 2 proposals by the due dates and times indicated within the Down-Select notification in order to be considered for Phase 2. Questions are welcomed for the revised price proposal instructions and updated technical proposal email instructions only (See provision L.6). Any questions referencing technical proposals will not be answered. Update proposal delivery instructions for phase 2 (two) to be by email only (See provision L.6 and L.11 Proposal Preparation Instructions). Remove all clauses and references to cost reimbursement (See Provision I Contract Clauses). Update Phase 2 proposal submission instructions (See Provision L.6). Offerors shall submit separate proposals for each functional category. For each functional category, offerors shall summit separate and complete volumes so that the government can evaluate them independently. Each volume shall include a cover page including the following information: Title of Acquisition (i.e., EVOLVE) Indicate the Functional Category being proposed RFP Number Volume Number Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Number Socio-Economic Status CAGE Code Company Name Company Address Company Point of Contact Email and Phone Number Each volume must include the specified Proposal Documents and conform to the page restrictions specified in Table L4: Phase 2 Page Restrictions. Offerors are required to submit a single email containing separate zipped folders for volumes 3,4,5, and 6. The entire submission shall not exceed 50MB.Offerors must clearly label each Zipped folder volume (i.e., Volume 3 - Sample TO Technical Solution; Volume 4 - Management Approach etc.). If the file(s) for each submission cannot be reduced below 50MB, then offerors shall divide the file into 50MB increments and send over multiple emails. The subject line for each email shall reference which portion of the proposal is attached (i.e., Volume 3, Part 1 of 2 Sample TO Technical proposal). Offerors must clearly label each file within each zipped folder in accordance with the requirements of the Evolve solicitation Table L6: Proposal Volume Structure (i.e., Volume 3 - Sample TO Technical proposal; Volume 4 - Program management; Volume 4 - IDIQ OM POC Resume; Volume 4 Quality Control Solution etc.). --------------------------- March 15, 2023 (Update) This solicitation is currently under evaluation. Once we are at the end of phase 1 we will notify each offeror to advise them of next steps. No further communications will occur on SAM.gov until the IDIQ awardees are announced. Thanks for your interest and participation (End of update) The purpose of this amendment (P00005) (posted 02/03/2023) - is to reduce the following point values in Attachment J-30_Self-Scoring Sheet: For the Cloud & Data Center Tab (FC2): reduce the hardship post point value from a maximum of 150 to a maximum of zero. For the Application Development Tab (FC3): reduce the hardship post point value from a maximum of 150 to a maximum of zero. For the Application Development Tab (FC3): reduce the ISO 9001 point value from a maximum of 100 to a maximum of zero. The purpose of Section L.12.1 Meaningful Relationship Certification is to address meaningful relationships and not Joint Ventures nor 13 C.F.R. 125.2. Please reference section. L.13 and section L.14 for submission information on Joint Ventures and 13 C.F.R. 125.2. The following language is removed from Section L.12 in its entirety: In order for the Offeror to take credit for project experience and technical qualifications of its teaming partners, joint ventures, or subcontractors, a meaningful relationship must exist. To prove this (if applicable to the Offerors submission), a Meaningful Relationship Certification must be provided as part of the proposal. This certification does not count towards the page limit. The proposal due date and time is extended until February 10, 2023, at 11 pm ET. Amendment 4, posted 02/02/2023: The purpose of this amendment is to incorporate version 4 of the RFP. Version 4 captures necessary changes identified by Department of State since the posting of Amendment 2. Version 4 of Attachment J-2 Labor Categories Descriptions is hereby incorporated. Version 1 of DD254 Questions and Answers document is hereby incorporated. Version 3 of Attachment J-27 SCRM worksheet is hereby incorporated. The proposal due date and time is extended to February 8, 2023, at 11PM EST. Amendment 3, posted 01/24/2023: The purpose of this amendment is to extend the proposal due date until February 8, 2023 at 2pm EST. The Contracting Officer for this solicitation is changed from Katherine Vultaggio to Michael Ku. An additional Amendment 4 will be posted within 7 days to further clarify some questions received. Further extension of the February 8, 2023 proposal due date is not anticipated at this time. A revised RFP version 4 will be posted as attachments to Amendment 4. In accordance with Section L.12.1 Meaningful Relationship Certification (MRCL) and Attachment J-10 of the solicitation, the MRCL is amended as defined under Section L.12.1, page 134: Removed from solicitation: An entity is a managing or team member of the Joint Venture Offeror Teaming Partner or Subcontractor Section L.12. 1 as amended: L.12.1 Meaningful Relationship Certification DOS will allow an offeror to take credit for relevant experience project(s), system(s), or certification(s) from a Parent Company, Affiliate, Division, and/or Subsidiary so long as there is a meaningful relationship to the offeror and commitment letters are provided to the Government. Offerors using affiliate experience and/or past performance must use the Attachment at J-10 Meaningful Relationship Commitment Capabilities, Past Performance, and Experience Letter in order for this information to be considered at evaluation. Systems, certifications, and clearances may not be submitted from a subcontractor within Symphony. For the purposes of Evolve, a meaningful relationship exists when at least one of the following conditions exists: An entity is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent organization. An entity is a parent of a wholly owned subsidiary. An entity operates under a single internal operational unit. An entity operates under a consolidated accounting system. An entity operates under a consolidated purchasing system. An entity operates under a consolidated human resources or personnel system. An entity operates under common policy and corporate guidelines. Operating structure between the entities includes internal organizational reporting lines and management chains for lines of business that operate across the formal corporate subsidiaries. Special Notice, posted 01/19/2023: The SF-30 for Amendment 2 (titled "19AQMM23R0042_P0002") has been added to the attachments section. Amendment 2, posted 01/12/2023: Please see the following minor corrections, clarifications and updates to the Evolve RFP: RFP v.3 (clean and markup) shows minor changes & corrections to the RFP. Updates for clarity added to the Q&A document (see Evolve Questions and Answers.v2) Corrections are located in Column E. Important updates to the clarifications document (now titled Amend 2 Clarifications) and the RFP (redlines and clean version, titled "19AQMM23R0042.v3" and "19AQMM23R0042.v3.clean" respectively) including (but not limited to): Additional information on submitting PPQs in Symphony for Volumes 1a and 2. CMMI Dev or Services may be submitted for points in Volume 1a. Azure, Google, AWS and ServiceNow technical clarification. Revised Attachment J-2, adding Wireless Service Specialist. Special Notice, posted 12/31/2022 Please see the attached Clarifications document (titled: Amend 1 Clarifications") which provides additional clarity regarding the RFP changes implemented at Amendment 1. Amendment 1, posted 12/27/2022 Please see the following attachments for Amendment 1: Evolve Q&A Spreadsheet (Q&A will also be released via Symphony shortly) Amendment 1 SF-30 (title: 19AQMM23R0042_P0001) and RFP Clean Attachment (title: 19AQMM23R0042.v2Amd1) RFP "Marked Up" attachment (title: 19AQMM23R0042.v2Amd1.mkp) with tracked changes Zip File (title: Evolve Attachments.v2) with Amended Evolve "v2" Attachments Notable Changes: 1. Shift from confidence Ratings to adjectival ratings 2. Removal of sample task order pricing submission & evaluation 3. Removal of self-scoring points for experience submitted for the Prime vs Sub 4. Administrative corrections and clarifications based on the Q&A received. The submission due date is hereby extended to January 25, 2022 at 2:00PM Eastern Time. ---------------------------------------------------------------- **Update 12/19/2022** Vendors may access Symphony registration training via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwWPaZFzME4 **Update 12/16/2022** Correction: Amendment 1, including Questions and Answers and the Amended RFP will be posted no earlier thanDecember 26, 2022. The Symphony proposal submission portal will also not be open for submissions before that time. The due date for Phase 1 Proposals will be extended at the time of Amendment 1. ---------------------------------------------------- **Update 12/11/2022** There is a delay for the proposal submission portal opening in Symphony to allow configuration consistent with RFP Amendment 1. RFP Amendment 1 with Q&As is anticipated to be released by Noon Eastern Time on Friday, December 16, 2022 (subject to change). Symphony submission portal for Phase 1 will be live for Offerors at 9:00AM Eastern Time on Monday, December 19, 2022. ------------------------------------------------------ **Note** Symphony is live for registration and questions submission. Symphony Link:https://dos-evolve.app.cloud.gov/ Symphony has a live helpdesk hotline and a helpdesk ticket system if your firm needs assistance with Symphony registration or submission of questions. A live webinaris being offered on 12/14/22 at 12 Noon Eastern Time by Apex Logic. Vendors are not required to attend the live webinarin order to register in Symphony. There is no longer a need to register for this webinar; simply access the link at the time of the event (or dial in using the information posted in the RFP): Zoom Link for 12/14/22 only:https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88659768243?pwd=NjlNczBibGtKUVN1aDdPd3BPTkFPdz09 The webinar will be recorded and posted to SAM.gov --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attached please find the Evolve Multiple Award Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) request for proposals (RFP). This is a Phased Solicitation. Provide Phase 1 proposal submissions in accordance with the attached RFP by the date and time listed on the SF-33. Note that SAM.gov only provides an option to indicate a "partial set-aside", so that option has been selected; however, this RFP includes a Small Business Reserve.