Virtual Reality Firefighting Trainers (VR-FFT)

Subject: Virtual Reality Firefighting Trainers (VR-FFT)
Solicitation Number: N6134023R0113
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 333310
Notice Published: 09-21-23
Response Due: 09-22-23

Agency: Department of the Navy
Contact: Tara MALLOY-PAULL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (407) 381-8790
Office Address: ORLANDO, FL 32826-3224

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The original combined synopsis/solicitation was posted to on 13 September 2023. Please use this combined solicitation/synopsis to submit quotes per the RFP.ATG has a requirement to address the lack of consistent Firefighting training while at sea. The lack of trained individuals while at dock and sea poses a safety issue to the fleet. It is critical to the fleet to have refreshed firefighting skills available during deployment. In addition, access to ?live? Firefighting and Damage Control Wet Trainers (DCT) is limited. The U.S Navy is looking for a VR-FFT system that provides virtual Firefighting scenarios that can be tailored to specific Navy shipboard training environments, compartments, and missions.9/21/28: Question and Answer dated 21 September for page length have been updated; no change in RFP.