F-16 Advanced Avionics (LRUs)

Subject: F-16 Advanced Avionics (LRUs)
Solicitation Number: FA825123R0003
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 811210
Notice Published: 09-21-23
Response Due: 10-20-23

Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: FA8251 AFSC PZABB
Contact: Wade Pilcher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (801) 777-2905
Office Address: HILL AFB, UT 84056-5825
Place of Performance: Hill AFB, UT 84056

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SOLICITATION: This effort is for services to repair the following F-16 Advanced Avionics (LRUs) contract. The items include: Items: Common Central Interface Unit (CCIU), Advanced Color Programmable Display Generator (ACPDG), and Advanced Color Multifunction Display (ACMFD), these units are used in the F-16C/D aircraft. This is a Sole Source IDIQ Requirements type contract with a five year ordering period. In accordance with AFFARS 5305.204 and DAFMAN 16-201, the contractingofficer verified no restrictions on foreign participation. Pricing Period I - 60 months Periods Timeframe CLINs 0001, 0002, and 0023: Data Award Date through 60 consecutive months. The solicitation consists of the following CLINs: 0001 - Recurring Data 0002 - Non-Recurring 0003AA - ACPDG-03 Repair,1280-01-517-2720 to 1280-01-600-0988/IAW PWS 0003AB -ACPDG-03,No Fault Found,1280-01-517-2720 to 1280-01-600-0988/IAW PWS 0004AA -ACPDG-20 Repair,1280-01-600-0988/IAW PWS 0004AB -ACPDG-20, No Fault Found,1280-01-600-0988/IAW PWS 0005AA -ACPDG-40, Repair, 1280-01-600-0813/IAW PWS 0005AB -ACPDG-40, No Fault Found,1280-01-600-0813/IAW PWS 0006AA -ACMFD-01, Major Repair,1280-01-517-4127/IAW PWS 0006AB -ACMFD-01, Standard Repair,1280-01-517-4127/IAW PWS 0006AC -ACMFD-01, No Fault Found,1280-01-517-4127/IAW PWS 0006AD -ACMFD-20, Upgrade with Standard Repair,1260-01-517-4127 to 1260-01-629-8084/IAW PWS 0006AE -ACMFD-20, Upgrade with No Fault Found,1260-01-517-4127 to 1260-01-629-8084/IAW PWS 0007AA -ACMFD-20, Standard Repair,1260-01-629-8084/IAW PWS 0007AB -ACMFD-20,No Fault Found,1260-01-629-8084/IAW PWS 0008AA -CCIU Upgrade With Repair,1290-01-523-9628 to 1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0008AB -CCIU Upgrade With No Fault Found & ESS,1290-01-523-9628 to 1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0008AC -CCIU Upgrade With No Fault Found & No ESS,1290-01-523-9628 to 1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0009AA -CCIU Repair,1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0009AB -CCIU No Fault Found With ESS,1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0009AC -CCIU No Fault Found With No ESS,1290-01-592-8404/IAW PWS 0022 -BEYOUND ECONOMICAL REPAIR/IAW PWS 0023 - OVER AND ABOVE/IAW PWS The sole source contractor for this effort is International Enterprises, Inc (IEI). CAGE Code: 50218, PSC CODE: 1290 108 Allen St. Talladega Al, 35160-1302 The redacted J&A will be posted with the award notice for this effort. 20 Apr 23 - Signed DD254 added to attachments