Mail Machine Inserters and Servers

Subject: Mail Machine Inserters and Servers
Solicitation Number: 5000140823_5000160000
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 541519
Set-Aside: Competitive 8(a)
Notice Published: 09-21-23
Response Due: 09-22-23

Agency: Department of the Treasury
Contact: Steven Collum This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (240) 613-9731
Office Address: NEW CARROLLTON, MD 20706
Place of Performance: Lanham, MD 20706

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Large Print Systems Replacement is a long-term strategy designed to replace over age, obsolete large print systems, high-speed mail inserters, and servers that have aged beyond their effective useful life with standardized new equipment in Correspondence Production Services (CPS). This replacement activity will minimize support costs and resources by replacing older end of life equipment with new equipment having lower failure rates, warranty, and support maintenance agreements. The replacement activity will also mitigate the risk of unplanned and unscheduled downtime from failures and increase the maximum cycle speed over the systems being replaced. In addition to the lifecycle replacement activity, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)s taxpayer correspondence has increased tremendously in the past several years. The expectation is this level of taxpayer outreach will continue. CPS currently processes 98% of the IRSs taxpayer correspondence. The large volumes have caused an increase in overtime and additional contractor support to process the mail. Recently the Detroit, MI site closed for 4 months due to building issues. Ogden, UT has had to process most of the taxpayer mail with the help of an outside contractor. Facilities Management and Support Services (FMSS) was asked to complete an assessment of available space and facilities for an expansion. It was recommended that the National Distribution Center (NDC), in Bloomington, IL, be reconfigured to become CPSs 3rd site. The Wage and Investment Division approved the investment to reconfigure, equip and staff NDC for this endeavor to meet a proposed timeline for a late 2023 standup. The purpose of this acquisition is to obtain 26 high-speed mail inserters and 3 servers to both replace equipment beyond its life cycle and stand up a new CPS site.