Solicitation Number: N0038323RF342
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 333923
Notice Published: 09-21-23
Response Due: 09-29-23

Agency: Department of the Navy
Contact: Telephone: 2156973342 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111-5098

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        08-04-23 SOLICIT

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ITEM UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AND VALUATION (JAN 2023)|19|||||||||||||||||||| TIME OF DELIVERY (JUNE 1997)|20||||||||||||||||||||| STOP-WORK ORDER (AUG 1989)|1|| WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (JAN 2023)|16|INVOICE AND RECEIVING REPORTS|TBD|TBD|N00383|TBD|TBD|SEE SCHEDULE|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD| NAVY USE OF ABILITYONE SUPPORT CONTRACTOR - RELEASE OF OFFEROR INFORMATION (3-18))|1|| VALUE ENGINEERING (JUN 2020)|3|||| EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (SEP 2016)|2||| SMALL BUSINESS SUBCONTRACTING PLAN (DOD CONTRACTS)- BASIC (DEC 2019)|2||| INTEGRITY OF UNIT PRICES (NOV 2021)|1|| WARRANTY OF SUPPLIES OF A NONCOMPLEX NATURE (JUN 2003)|6|N/A|N/A||||| SMALL BUSINESS SUBCONTRACTING PLAN (OCT 2022)|4||||| EQUAL OPPORTUITY FOR WORKERS WITH DISABILITIES (JUN 2020)|2||| TRANSPORTATION OF SUPPLIES BY SEA (JAN 2023)|2||| BUY AMERICAN-FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS-BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM - BASIC (JAN 23)|3|||| LIMITATION OF LIABILITY--HIGH-VALUE ITEMS (FEB 1997)|1|| ALTERNATE A, ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (NOV 2020)|13|||||||||||||| BUY AMERICAN-FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS-BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM CERTIFICATE-BASIC (DEC 2022))|3|||| BUY AMERICAN--BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM (NOV 2014)|1|| ROYALTY INFORMATION (APR 1984)|1|| ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (MAR 2023)|13|333923|1250|||||||||||| FACSIMILE PROPOSALS (OCT 1997)|1|| NOTICE OF PRIORITY RATING FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE, EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, ANDENERGY PROGRAM USE (APR 2008))|2|DO-A1A |D0-1| The purposed of this amendment is to increase the QTY from Qty:13 by Qty: 9 to Qty: 22. QTY: 13 NSN: 7RH 3940 013533841 LU P/N 17130-10 Item: ADAPTER,HOISTING This RFP is for a spares purchase. The Small Business Administration representative at NAVSUP WSS has reviewed this requirement and determined that a set-aside recommendation was not applicable for this procurement. This contract/delivery order/purchase order/modification is issued by the Government when deposited in the mail, transmitted by facsimile or sent by any electronic commerce method, including email. The Government's acceptance of the contractor's proposal constitutes bilateral agreement to issue this contract/delivery order/purchase order/modification. \"