Z2DA--CON-NRM 653-24-105 Repair Leaking Roofs

Subject: Z2DA--CON-NRM 653-24-105 Repair Leaking Roofs
Solicitation Number: 36C26024R0024
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 238160
Notice Published: 04-02-24
Response Due: 04-10-24

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Toni A Wiser, Contractor, Contract Specialist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: VANCOUVER, WA 98662

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RFI# 1 Page 45 of 61 of the solicitation states the page limits for proposals. The Past Performance proposal limit is stated as 5 pages, which includes cover letters, table of contents, etc. Each past performance questionnaire is 5 pages, not including a cover letter or table of contents. Page 55 of 61 states offerors may submit up to five (5) past performance references. Even submitting one (1) past performance reference with a cover letter and table of contents will exceed the page limit. Please confirm the page limit for the Past Performance proposal. Past Performance Questionnaires are not required if all required CPARs documentation are provided. If you do not have any CPARs for your projects, then the contractor can submit three (3) Past Performance Questionnaires. RFI# 2 For all six areas of work listed in the Statement of work, it states, Test and confirm that all surfaces are dry to prevent mold growth. Is there a specific percentage of moisture the material needs to be at or below to meet this requirement? If the moisture content is above the limit, what will the VA require of the contractor, and will any additional work required be considered an unforeseen condition? Contractor shall follow the code requirements for moisture content. Any damage caused by the leaks needs to be repaired. If the additional work is related to the project that is not already noted in an area disclosed in the scope documents, then unforeseen conditions could arise. RFI# 3 The construction notes on the drawings for each area state, Repair/replace/ existing decking damaged by any dry rot, and Repair/replace/clean/paint any locations inside the structure that was damaged due to the roof leak. It is unknown whether there is any dry rot of the existing decking or structural framing caused by the roof leaks. Is there a specific dollar amount each offeror should include for each work area as a contingency so each offeror s price proposals are comparable, or will any decking and structural repair required be considered an unforeseen condition and be addressed by a modification to the contract? A site-walk was provided. Contractors shall use their best judgement in preparing their proposal. Decking and structural repair will not be considered an unforeseen condition unless additional damage is noted in an area not already disclosed in the scope documents. Also see Construction Note 1. RFI# 4 The construction notes on the drawings for each area state, Paint adjacent areas of roof repair/replacement. Some of the areas have drywall/paint damage that will need to be repaired and painted on the inside of the structure. Please identify what adjacent means for the paint requirements. Are we to paint corner to corner on the walls with the damages/repairs, or are we to repaint the entire room that has the damage? Only the walls/ceilings that are damaged on the interior side need to be repainted. Paint adjacent areas of roof repair/replacement. is referring to painted areas such as wood trim that may get damaged during the roof repair.   RFI #5 Do we need to inspect for mold and rot with every leak in every building? Some leaks result from blocked drains, and once cleared, they should not recur. Additionally, some minor leaks can be sealed without being opened up. We want to confirm whether you prefer not to have them opened and inspected. It will be more expensive to open them and repair them then to seal coat leaks. Yes, any damage caused by the roof leak needs to be repaired. RFI #6 Can you please define the specific warranty that we will need to provide to the government after the work?  We can only provide workmanship warranties on the specific areas that were repaired. For the section of roof that is repaired, there will be a Warranty of Construction per the FAR followed by a 20-year extended warranty period. RFI #7 Regarding past performance, do we need to submit the Past Performance Questionnaires (Attachment 5) even if we have the CPARS records? No, if you provide the CPARS records, you do not have to submit Past Performance Questionnaires. CPAR s is the preferred method. RFI #8 - Can we utilize Past Performance Questionnaires containing identical information that were previously completed for recent bids? If the information is true and accurate, Means & Methods used to complete the documentation is up to the contractor.