Subject: Z1DA--528A6-19-605 REPLACE BUILDING 76 ROOFS
Solicitation Number: 36C24224B0028
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 238160
Notice Published: 04-02-24
Response Due: 05-01-24

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Devan Bertch, Contract Specialist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: ALBANY, NY 12208

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RFI SHEET Solicitation # 36C24223B0019 REPLACE ROOF BUILDING 76 - Bath VA Medical Center RFI # 1 Question - In the bid documents, it says that the VA will only choose a contractor who is certified for asbestos removal in NY. Will the VA allow us to sub the asbestos removal OR can they change the language so that the contractor has time to get certified before the notice to proceed? Answer A new specs document has been uploaded that has an amended Section 1.2 - General Intention - A. RFI # 2 Question Will plywood need to be installed as a substrate over the existing tongue and groove deck? Answer - Tongue and groove decking is an acceptable substrate and there is no warranty requirement for the installation of plywood over the existing T&G RFI # 3 Question - Is there current Sheathing on the building? Answer Yes, the existing sheathing is 1x6 T&G (see attached photo on last page). Question - Are there security fence areas? Answer - No Question - Scaffolding Areas for stair towers Answer - Limited Question - Laydown area(s) for dumpsters, forklift, job trailer, material trailer, parking, and additional materials Answer - The area will away from the immediate construction site. There isn t much room around the main hospital building. Question - Are there other projects going on at the building and adjacent areas? Answer - Yes. There will be 3 projects at this building. Question - Where can we hook up power to the job trailer from the power source? Answer - There is power available near the designated job trailer site. Question - Are there roof access areas from inside the building? Answer Yes, there is an existing roof access hatch located in the elevator penthouse. Question - Patient and staff access points Answer All four sides of the building. Question - Could we have weekend work authorization (bring up weather limitations due to the time of the project)? Answer - No. Normal work hours only. Question - Plan for slate removed (VA retains or do we need to dispose of it) Answer The removed existing slate shall be disposed of by the contractor. RFI # 4 Is the IMPS and IMPN new panels? Are they provided by us? Answer NEW, PROVIDED BY CONTRACTOR. SEE RESPONSE IN RFI#5, DRAWINGS AND SPECS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Is the measurements on the heat trace just the roof or is it the length of the heat trace including the zig zag? Answer LENGTHS INDICATED ARE THE LENGTH OF THE SPECIFICED DESIGN MAKE HEAT TRACE THAT IS ON THE ROOF, FROM THE HOMERUN POWER WIRING JUNTION TO THE END OF THE RUN. RFI # 5 Contractor is inquiring to get information on the electric panels (IMPS - IMPN) that will be installed on the 7th floor based on the drawing EP-102. Need size of panel, qty of breakers. This is not covered on dwgs or in specs. Answer IMPS: 480/277V; 225A MCB; 30 CKT. PROVIDE (12) ACTIVE SINGLE POLE 30A BREAKERS AND (8) SPARE. (10) SPACE. IMPN: 480/277V; 225A MCB; 30 CKT. PROVIDE (7) ACTIVE SINGLE POLE 30A BREAKERS AND (13) SPARE. (10) SPACE. There is a discrepancy in the IM control panels. This may vary between vendors but they are saying the IMP requires a single pole 277v-30a breakers - not dbl pole 20a. Answer ALL BREAKERS SHALL BE SINGLE POLE 30A 277V. RFI #3 3.) Photo