Subject: F16_AN_APG68RadarDualModeTransmitter_NSN5998012478169
Solicitation Number: F16_AN_APG68RadarDualModeTransmitter_NSN5998012478169
Notice Type: SRCSGT
NAICS: 81121
Notice Published: 04-02-24
Response Due: 04-02-26

Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: FA8122 AFSC PZAAB
Contact: Tracey Beringer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (777) 221-1
Office Address: TINKER AFB, OK 73145-3303
Place of Performance: Tinker AFB, OK 73145

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QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS THAT MUST BE SATISFIED TO BECOME A QUALIFIED SOURCE a. Prequalification Notice: The offeror shall notify the appropriate government Small Business Office or, if responding to a solicitation, the contracting officer in the appropriate government contracting office, of intent to qualify as a source for this Regulator CCA. b. Facilities, Testing, and Inspection Capabilities: The offeror must certify to the government that they have, or have access to, the required facilities and equipment to repair, inspect, test, package, and store the item. The offeror shall make their facilities, equipment, tooling, and personnel available for evaluation and inspection by the government. c. Data Verification: The offeror must verify that they have a complete data package. This verification must include a complete list of all procedures, drawings, and specifications, including change notices, in the offerors possession including, at a minimum Northrop Grumman (97942) drawings 762R923G01 and T803A77. The offeror may also be required to produce copies of all applicable procedures, drawings, or specifications. d. Repair Process Verification: The offeror must repair this item to conform to the government requirements as prescribed within the ESA-approved engineering/technical data package. The offeror must show compliance with Unique Identification (UID) requirements in accordance with DFARS 211.274 as prescribed within the ESA-approved engineering/technical data package. The offeror must provide, at their own expense, data showing the results of all quality, performance, and environmental evaluations conducted by the offeror to show compliance with the government requirements as prescribed by 416 SCMS/GUEAA. The offeror shall also identify its sources for materials and its standards for internally used processes e. Test and Evaluation and/or Verification: The offeror, at their own expense, shall prepare and submit to 416 SCMS/GUEAA for their prior approval, a qualification test plan/procedure detailing how they intend to verify compliance with all performance, environmental, mechanical, and quality assurance requirements identified by Drawings 762R923G01 and T803A77. After completion of the approved qualification testing, the offeror shall be required to submit a complete test report of the results to 416 SCMS/GUEAA for their review and approval prior to the contract award. The government retains the right to exercise the option to inspect the testing processes, including on-site witnessing of any or all documented testing. To allow accomplishing this, the offeror shall notify the government at least 30 days in advance of the occurrence of any testing that will be used as a basis for qualification. The offerors facilities shall be made available for government inspection during these tests. f. Qualification Article Verification: The offeror must provide, at their own expense, a pre-contract award qualification article for evaluation by the government. This article must comply with all of the requirements of Drawing 762R923G01. This article shall be subjected to a form, fit, and function evaluation to demonstrate compatibility with the weapon system and to evaluate the REPAIR QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS NSN: 5998-01-247-8169 P/N: 762R923G01 Noun: Regulator CCA Application: F-16 C/D APG-68 Dual Mode Transmitter 1 Jun 2021 Section C 2/3 repair capability of the offeror. Offerors will be notified whether or not their qualification article passed or failed the required qualification testing within 90 days of submitting a product for qualification testing. Note that successful completion of the qualification testing does not guarantee any contract award. If the offeror is deemed qualified and awarded the contract, a post-contract award first article exhibit may be required to verify production capability. g. Qualification Requirement Cost Estimate: Estimated likely costs for testing and evaluation, which will be incurred by the potential offering party to become qualified are $3,000. h. Qualification Time Completion Estimate: It is the estimate of the engineering support activity that completion of this qualification effort should require 180 days. This is based on complexity of the Regulator CCA and other factors. i. Qualification Time Limitation: An offeror may not be denied the opportunity to submit and have considered an offer for a contract if the offeror can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the contracting officer that the offeror (or its product) meets these standards for qualification or can meet them before the date specified for award of the contract. The award will not be delayed to provide the vendor with an opportunity to demonstrate its ability to meet the standards specified in this qualification requirement. j. Evaluation of Proposals Not Previously Qualified: The offeror must be fully qualified in order to be eligible for a contract award. Therefore, the offeror must fulfill all of the requirements stated, in writing, in the qualification requirement before the date specified for award of the contract. Once all requirements are met, the offeror will be listed as an approved repair source for this item. Approval, however, does not guarantee subsequent contract award. REPAIR QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS NSN: 5998-01-247-8169 P/N: 762R923G01 Noun: Regulator CCA Application: F-16 C/D APG-68 Dual Mode Transmitter 1 Jun 2021 Section C 3/3 2. SOURCE QUALIFICATION WAIVER REQUIREMENTS Sources who meet any of the following Source Qualification Waiver Criteria (QWC) may apply for a waiver of all or part of the qualification requirements. If a waiver is granted and the offeror is awarded a contract, the offeror may still be required to provide a post-contract award first article exhibit to verify production capability: a. QWC1: The potential source submits written certification that the articles have been supplied to the government or original equipment manufacturer (e.g., DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, Purchase Order invoice, etc). b. QWC2: NA c. QWC3: A source qualified to provide an assembly is usually qualified to provide subassemblies, major components, and items of that assembly. d. QWC4: A source qualified to provide earlier dash numbers of a basic P/N may be qualified to provide other dash numbers of that same basic P/N, provided there is no increase in complexity, criticality, or other relevant requirements. e. QWC5: A source qualified to provide a similar or like item can be qualified to provide the required item. However, for approval, the engineering authority must verify that there is no increase in complexity, criticality, or other requirements over that of the similar item. At a minimum, the source shall provide a complete set of drawings for the similar item and written proof, such as purchase orders, shipping documents, etc., to show that the similar item was provided to the original equipment manufacturer or DoD. f. QWC6: A source previously qualified to provide an item, but which has been purchased, sold, merged, absorbed, reformed, split, etc., may qualify if it can be established that the qualification is currently with the requester and that the requester has the same or equivalent facilities, tooling, equipment, personnel, and utilizes the original forging, castings, etc., in the repair process. g. QWC7: NA