Vocational Training Programs

Subject: Vocational Training Programs
Solicitation Number: 15B50324PR000080
Notice Type: SRCSGT
NAICS: 611210
Notice Published: 05-14-24
Response Due: 05-20-24

Agency: Department of Justice
Contact: Cornelius Daniel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: BIG SPRING, TX 79720
Place of Performance: Big Spring, TX 79720

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THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE. THIS NOTICE IS ISSUED FOR MARKET RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION OR INVITATION FOR OFFERORS TO SUBMIT BIDS. A SYNOPSIS OF PROPOSED CONTRACT ACTION WILL BE POSTED AT A LATER DATE WHICH WILL PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIDDERS TO RESPOND TO THIS OPPORTUNITY. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN BEFORE RESPONDING. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS NOTICE IF YOU ARE NOT SERVIOUSLY INTERESTED AND IF YOU DO NOT PERFORM THIS REQUIREMENT AS IT WILL DELAY THE POSTING OF THE SOLICITATION DUE TO FURTHER MARKET RESEARCH THAT WILL BE REQUIRED. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) anticipates issuance of a solicitation for services of on-site vocational training programs at FCI Big Spring, located in Big Spring, TX. The programs are as listed: * Business Management Instructor * Business Maintenance Instructor * Culinary Arts Instructor * Electrical Trades Instructor * Masonry Instructor * Plumbing Instructor FCI Big Spring is a federal correctional facility located at 1900 Simler Ave.. The work to be performed in association with these services includes the following scope: Vocational Training Programs The contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment for the Services at FCI Big Spring. Interested bidders must be registered in the SAM at www.sam.gov. Interested contractors are requested to respond to this notice by adding their names to the Interested Vendors List for this posting on the SAM website at https://sam.gov or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This notice is intended only for those who would be entering into a Prime contract with the FBOP for the entirety of the requirement. The synopsis of proposed contract action will include further instructions for responding to this opportunity. Interested bidders are advised to continuously monitor www.sam.gov for all future updates. Thank you!