W065--Two (2) RAPIDPoint 500e Blood Gas Systems and Associated Reagents (Base 4 Option Years)

Subject: W065--Two (2) RAPIDPoint 500e Blood Gas Systems and Associated Reagents (Base 4 Option Years)
Solicitation Number: 36C26024Q0552
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 334516
Set-Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Notice Published: 05-14-24
Response Due: 05-16-24

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Dane Gift, Contracting Specialist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (360) 816-2762
Office Address: VANCOUVER, WA 98662
Place of Performance: Department of Veterans Affairs Puget Sound VA Health Care System 1660 South Columbian Way, Seattle 98108

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        05-16-24 SOLICIT

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1. This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart 12.6, Streamlined Procedures for Evaluation and Solicitation for Commercial Items, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested, and a written solicitation document will not be issued. 2. This is a Request for Quote (RFQ) and the solicitation number is 36C26024Q0552. The Government anticipates awarding a firm-fixed price FSS delivery order contract resulting from this solicitation. 3. This is a solicitation for Brand Name or Equal Two (2) RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas Systems and Associated Reagents (Period of Performance Base+4 Option years: 5/16/2024 4/30/2029). To be deemed eligible for award the contractor shall show that they are able to have the two (2) RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas Systems delivered to the Puget Sound VAHCS (address below) within 1-4 days from the date of contract award (award proposed by COB 5/16/2024). The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2024-05 effective April 22, 2024. 4. This solicitation is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside. The associated North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for this procurement is 334516, with a small business size standard of 1,000 Employees and the PSC is W065. The SBA Non-Manufacturer Rule is not applicable as a class waiver exists under NAICS code 334516 -Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing under which this requirement will be procured. All interested companies shall provide quotations, including pricing, as a part of this solicitation. All information of this nature submitted to the government shall be made in accordance with the Brand Name or Equal Salient Characteristics and Statement of Work below. Responsive quotes shall include a price quote, past relevant performance, and item/task technical specifications outlining how they intend to meet the standards provided in both Section (6) Salient Characteristics and Section (7) Statement of Work . 5. Price/Cost Schedule: The Department of Veterans Affairs, Boise VA Medical Center (VAMC), NCO20 is looking for BRAND NAME or EQUAL sources of the following: Base year + 4 Option Years (the below is a template to be used per year) Base Year: 5/16/2024 4/30/2025 o Option 1: 5/1/2025 4/30/2026 o Option 2: 5/1/2026 4/30/2027 o Option 3: 5/1/2027 4/30/2028 o Option 4: 5/1/2028 4/30/2029 Item (Per Year) Quantity Dollar Amount (per item) Total ULTDEV01/US.P 2 RP500e BLOOD GAS ANALYZER 2 UPS STANDARD 120V 2 Warranty Service RAPIDPOINT 500e PLUS 2 Years 2 Extended Service RAPIDPOINT 500e PLUS 3 Years 2 MCART LAC 250 Test 1 MCART LAC 400 Test 1 MCART LAC 750 Test 24 Grand Total 6. Salient Characteristics: The Chemistry Department of Puget Sound Health Care Systems requires two (2) new blood gas analyzers that provide the following attributes: The blood gas platform selected is a comprehensive, whole blood critical care analyzer that combines blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, co-oximetry, and calculated results in a simple, compact device. The platform combines maintenance-free, replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents The analyzer uses non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology. The analyzer must produce very rapid and complete testing within one minute. The analyzer will provide bidirectional connectivity and an onboard data management system. The platform menu must include, but not limited to, the following: pH PCO2 TCO2 PO2 Hct Na+ K+ Cl- Ca++ Mg++ Glucose Lactate HHb O2Hb MetHb COHb SO2 O2 tBil HbF tHb BarP The platform will have a mechanism to prevent clots from entering the sample path. The platform will use liquid QC to meet CLIA guidelines Samples can be aspirated directly from the syringe Proficiency samples will not require adaptors Foot print of analyzer will not exceed 14.2 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep, and 18.2 inches tall to meet laboratory countertop restrictions. The platform will have an onboard thermal printer and a back up battery source. The platform will have the capacity to provide the following reports: - Calibration Report - Cartridge Log Report - Daily Sample Log Report - Edit Log Report - Error Log Report - Maintenance Log Report - Operator Setup Report - Patient Report - Levey-Jennings QC Report - QC Corrective Actions Report - QC Data Report - QC Statistics Report - QC Setup Report - Sample Audit Log Report 7. Statement of Work Scope of Work VA Puget Sound Health Care System is in need of two (2) Whole Blood/Arterial Blood Gas/Critical Care Metabolites Analytical Instrument Systems to conduct a variety of tests on our patient population. These analyzers and supplies must be provided to both Seattle and/or American Lake and/or any VAPSHCS campuses per the estimate given in the Statement of Work. The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is for the Government to obtain the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirements. I 1.0 REQUIREMENTS/SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED: General Requirement The vendor shall furnish all clinical laboratory supplies and services as described herein to the participating VAMC facility in accordance with the applicable Federal Supply Schedule contract. Attachment 1 (Test Volumes) can be utilized by interested contractors to submit their cost proposal. The vendor shall be able to have the two (2) RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas Systems delivered to the Puget Sound VAHCS (address below) within 1-4 days from the date of contract award (award proposed by COB 5/16/2024) in order to facilitate systems testing prior to beginning work. A listing of the estimated yearly quantity is provided under this agreement located in Attachment 1 (Test Volume). Quantities listed in the attachment to this RFQ are estimates based upon prior history of actual volumes and are intended to provide the potential contractor a basis for calculating their pricing. They are not a guaranteed minimum. The pricing shall be based on new equipment. Remanufactured or used models will not be accepted. The vendors offered blood gas analyzer/system(s) must conform to the facility s existing space. The dimensions of this space are 7 X 2.5 in Seattle and 16 X 24 in American Lake. The analyzer/equipment must meet the test volume in Attachment 1 and match or improve the turnaround time requirements. The system should streamline all aspects of testing, thereby improving efficiency and productivity of the using facility. The vendor shall provide the facility with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved analyzer/equipment, reagents, controls, calibrators, linearity material, disposables, any consumable part necessary for analyzing/testing on the analyzer. Vendor shall list the consumable parts provided. Vendor shall state any parameter/function that is pending FDA approval at the time of the submission. B. System Requirements: The desired blood gas/critical care metabolite instrumentation must have the capability of performing and/or reporting the following parameters on arterial, venous, or mixed venous whole blood specimens: pH pO2 pCO2 Hemoglobin Hematocrit Sodium Potassium Chloride Ionized calcium Glucose Lactic Acid Base excess Bicarbonate Total carbon dioxide (TCO2) Oxygen saturation Co-oximetry (or similar technology to fractionate hemoglobin species) In addition, the analyses must take place on a single instrument and a single specimen. The instrument shall be able to perform the complete profile described above discretely by either direct or indirect (calculated) measurement and meet the performance characteristics for accuracy and precision as defined by the 1988 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) and the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS). The system must have standardization of software, hardware, reagents, and consumables between the primary and back-up analyzers throughout the facility (mirror image redundancy). The vendor shall provide the facility, for the duration of the contract, with all reagents, controls (both blood gas, chemistry, and co-oximetry), calibrators, disposables, any consumable part (inclusive of replacement parts per manufacturers maintenance guidelines, aspiration devices, etc.), necessary for analyzing/testing on both the primary and back-up analyzers to produce a patient result. All linearity material and any commercial system correlation samples needed may be provided to meet CAP requirements. Vendor must provide a printer and all thermal paper for generating paper copy of results, and provide a replacement printer as needed. Vendor shall specify calibration frequency of one point, two point, and system calibrations in accordance with regulatory requirements. The system must alert the operator of a calibration drift. Vendor must provide on-board commercial quality control for every twenty-four hours of operation to include: three levels for blood gases, at least two levels for chemistry, and three levels for co-oximetry to be analyzed on each analyzer at the facility. The system must have a sampling system that can aspirate directly from a syringe or an evacuated blood collection tube and can accommodate any sample type without any additional adapter devices. The sampling system must have the capability of walk away processing that negates the need for additional instrument prompting. The vendor must also state the sample size required for patient testing. The sampling system must immediately alert the operator that a sample is not positioned properly, there is insufficient sample quantity, and have early clot detection that alerts the operator to the suspected existence of a fibrin clot in the specimen. The vendor must define the methodology for clot detection. The system must have ready to use reagents that have on board stability greater than or equal to 30 days. Vendor shall list all reagents needed for blood gas/chemistry/co-oximetry analysis, the format/size of the reagents, and if the supplies are stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Vendor may state if reagents and controls are color-coded. Packaging should be maximized to accommodate the specimen volume at the facility and not require a frequent exchange of inventory on the equipment. The system may provide reagent inventory, in real time that can be printed at selected time intervals for reagent documentation. The system must be programmed to perform and execute auto quality control without operator intervention. Perform automatic corrective action on the system if the results of the quality control testing are not acceptable and have the ability to lock out/suppress a test if there are QC failures. The vendor is to define the actual hands-on maintenance time required for daily, weekly, monthly, and as needed maintenance. The vendor is to include the analyzer time required to perform each maintenance task. Vendor must list which tasks are user level and which tasks are service level. Systems that use electrodes must have minimal maintenance, electrode replacement must be accomplished easily, and the new electrode must be operational within two hours of replacement. The analyzer may have on-board integrated maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures. The vendor must provide a comprehensive QC program, provide QC for all tests listed in Attachment 1 and must provide the following options: QC files may be edited or corrected for errors manually with/without password Protection Have on-board quality control data storage (for at least 90 days) and reporting Capabilities Ability to view/print daily, monthly QC results and Levy-Jennings graphs. Ability to visually alert the operator of QC (Westgard/user defined rules) failures. Electronic transfer of QC Data to vendor without the need for manual entry Automatic enrollment in a Quality Assurance program that has peer participation of at least 50 participants that are not part of VISN 20 network. Reports of peer data will be current and available within 2-4 weeks of the data submission for hard copy review. The vendor must supply equipment that performs satisfactorily at any laboratory relative humidity between 15 to 85 percent and any laboratory temperature between 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Instrumentation and Software: The vendor is to complete with their proposal the Medical Equipment Pre-procurement Assessment (VA Directive 6550 Appendix A) for the Office of Information Technology (OI & T) for the facility for any medical devices that will be connected to the VA information network. The vendor will provide evidence of VA approved remote network communication system that continuously collects and monitors performance data of the analytical systems following all the policies and procedures outlined in the VA Directive 6500, Information Security Program, and its handbooks to ensure appropriate security controls are in place (see Appendix A in Section D). The system may have the ability to manage patient information through a data manager. Including the acceptance of test ordering information, transmittal of patient laboratory patient results, storage and retrieval of patient laboratory results. Retrieval of patient or instrument data must be in a Microsoft Windows compatible format. The equipment shall include 120-volt UPS that has a 2 3-hour back-up capability for all analyzers. The vendor will be responsible for replacing the UPS should it become dysfunctional and provide battery replacement as needed. The system will support multiple barcode formats including but not limited to Code 39, Code 128 and Coda bar that may be enabled concurrently. The system must accept at a minimum, a 10-character specimen identifier that is alphanumeric (letters and numbers). The vendor must provide the following interfacing requirements: Instrument LIS physical connection and translation (drivers) Routing must be fully supported by all laboratory instrument interface partners, especially Data Innovations, Inc. Any additional hardware and software needed to interface the analyzer and technical assistance with interfacing the analyzer. Any required (additional) interface connection license(s) Instrument-LIS interface must be bi-directional. Provide documentation of successful interfacing with other VA facilities (provide two VAMC references) Interface must use automatic host query to download sample IDs, test requests, and patient demographics. Automatic host query must seamlessly integrate with onboard patient sample barcode scanning and translation. Instrument interface must transmit test results to the host computer system via automatic upload. The system shall have computer capabilities that are compatible with customer LIS software, provide CD-ROM/DVD player, minimum 17-inch flat screen panel LCD display monitor with built-in speakers, optical mouse, and laser jet printer. The blood gas instrumentation must have a printer that has the capability of printing a patient report with patient demographic information that includes minimally the patient s name, social security number, order number, and phlebotomy site. Vendor may list programmable options for patient demographic report. The system shall have an automatic back-up function to store all data from the hard drive. Vendor must describe the back-up option in submitted proposal. Would prefer if data back-up was exportable by USB flash or CD-DVD drive and in a Microsoft Windows compatible format. The system must be able to store and retransmit records (24 hours of maximum instrument throughput) in case of interface downtime. The system may have the ability to edit sample/patient identifier after interface downtime and then be able to resend the sample/patient information to the host for verification. The vendor must provide all upgrades to the equipment hardware, software, and operating systems without additional charge to the Government (e.g., upgrades that correct either a mechanical or software deficiency of the system). These enhancements to the vendor s equipment shall be delivered and installed at the site within two months of their issuance or date of first commercial availability. The vendor will always maintain compatibility of systems with whatever host LIS is in place, especially when vendor software is upgraded. The vendor must remove all equipment within 90 days of the expiration of the terms of this BPA but not until the completion of the new vendor s equipment installation inclusive of completed cross over studies. The facility, per their protocol, will be responsible for the removal/erasing of the hard drive at analyzer removal/upgrade. Installation: The vendor shall list analyzer/utility requirements (electrical, water, plumbing, reagent and bio-hazardous disposal, temperature, humidity, etc.). The vendor shall provide weight and dimensions of proposed analyzers. The vendor must indicate any routine and /or special items required to operate/maintain the equipment/analyzer in optimal condition such as but not limited to: paper, printer cartridges, drainage systems, surge suppressors, etc. Any items excluded by the vendor shall be delineated in their proposal. The cost of the excluded items must be incorporated in the price proposal. The vendor shall provide the facility with all reagents, calibrators, control, and any cross-over supplies needed at installation and during training of staff. The vendor must pay all shipping costs for the analyzers and all supplies needed for the installation, correlation studies and training of staff. Test counts for billing will begin after all CAP required studies, performed at installation of new equipment, are reviewed and approved. At installation/set-up the vendor/technical support specialist shall perform all validation studies including installation/set-up, correlation studies (evaluation/comparison data sufficient to satisfy CAP standards), reference range studies, staff training, in-services to laboratory personnel and clinicians, and assist with any methodology problems and questions. The service must be available during regular office hours on a 5 days/week basis. The vendor must provide equipment installation and possible reinstallation costs if the equipment is required to be moved due to construction or laboratory redesign. The vendor will work with the facility to adjust reagent supply to match workload changes and to provide the option annually for the facility to adjust the shipment table. The vendor shall state what their policy is in regard to adjusting a standing order or ordering an additional shipment of supplies. Training/Procedures: The vendor shall provide all necessary procedure manuals, troubleshooting manuals, operator manuals, technical manuals for computer interfacing, MSDSs, etc. (also available on computer disc). Procedures must be in the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) format. The vendor must provide primary user training for a minimum of two users per instrument with on-site training available to the remaining users on all tours (or shifts) with competency assessment performed and documented. Primary user training is to include all costs of off-site training, i.e., transportation (air and ground), room and board, etc. Support Services: The vendor must provide a preventative maintenance schedule to include a minimum of two scheduled preventative visits per year for the duration of the contract. The vendor shall replace any analyzer/equipment that is provided during the terms of this BPA that has not been repaired to the workable satisfaction of the facility. Should the repair record of any individual analyzer/equipment reflect a downtime of 5% or greater of the normal working days in one calendar month, a determination will be made by the designated representative of the using facility/clinic to replace the initial laboratory analyzer/equipment with new analyzer/equipment. Each analyzer/equipment provided by the vendor shall maintain an uptime of 95% in each month during the terms of the agreement. The vendor shall provide instrument support service sufficient to aid with troubleshooting and repair of the analyzers. The vendor may list their service options available. Or the following service options may be available: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week or from 08:00 17:00, 7 days/week. For any site that may encounter the rare occasion when both analyzers are inoperable (service has now escalated to emergency status), service shall immediately dispatch a field service engineer for repair. Vendor is to explain their policy in relation to service if the occasion should occur when all analyzers are inoperable. The support service must follow-up all down calls within 1 hour. The FSR will always keep the facility informed of the timeline for when repairs are to be completed. All repairs on instrument must be completed (at no cost to the facility/clinic) within 24 hours from the time the field service engineer arrives. The vendor will provide twenty-four hour/seven-day service hotline with technical support. All calls will be answered within one hour via telephone. Service is to include all travel, parts for repair or replacement, and labor. The vendor will pay all routine shipping fees for supplies, consumables, and equipment to perform testing at initial installation and with routine supply delivery. If all instruments are inoperable: The vendor shall pay for the laboratory testing at a reference facility if the equipment requiring repair is inoperative due to malfunction through no fault or negligence of the facility for a total of more than 24 hours. The cost incurred from the reference facility testing, packaging and shipping will be applied to the invoice in the form of a credit or deduction. Downtime for each incident will start from the time the facility makes a bona fide attempt to contact the vendor s designated representative until the analyzer is returned to good operating order. If the consumables are found to be defective and unsuitable for use with the vendor s equipment, or the vendor has failed to comply with the requirements for routine supply delivery, the vendor shall deliver the consumable supplies within a period of 24 hours after receipt of the verbal order for priority delivery from the facility/clinic. If either circumstance has occurred, the vendor will deliver to the facility, in the most expeditious manner possible, without additional costs to the facility, the necessary consumable in sufficient quantity until the arrival of the standing order/routine supplies delivery. The vendor must provide replacement parts and any components necessary for the operation of the instrument(s) to produce patient results. Past Performance/Technical Excellence: Availability of four (4) references (two VA and two from the private sector) which can validate past experience within the last three (3) years regarding: a. Quality of Service (to include timeliness of service, documentation and communication of work/repair at time of service, does service repair/fix the problem on the first site visit or does service have to return to repair/fix the problem again, are parts/tools available when service is performed or is service delayed due to ordering replacement parts), and technical support including method validation. Ability of vendor to supply accurate data for annual contract renewal by required time frames and timeliness of billing reconciliation. Customer satisfaction: meets or exceeds turn-around with negligible downtime. The vendor will include within its proposal the national average of service calls per analyzer per year. The vendor shall list reagent recalls/bulletins within the last five years. The vendor shall list any product unavailability due to manufacturing issues within the last five years. The proposed equipment should have at least one-year proven experience and be available on the Federal Supply Schedule. II 2.0 VALUE ADDED CHARACTERISTICS: The vendor will provide replacement parts and any components necessary for the operation of the instrument(s) to produce patient results. The system may have the ability for the electronic transfer of the manufacturer s QC ranges to the instrument without the need for manual entry. The system may have the ability to have on-board documentation for out-of-range quality control and instrumentation problems. The analyzer may have onboard maintenance records that can be modified for additional user defined maintenance records and printed at selected time intervals for maintenance documentation. The system may have a touch-screen interface in addition to the keyboard and mouse. The vendor may provide on-site refresher training in renewal option years of the contract if so exercised. User also has the option of sending one additional staff member per analyzer for primary off-site training in renewal option years. Renewal option year training is to include all costs of off-site training, i.e., transportation (air and ground), room and board, etc. The system may list additional parameters such as lactic acid, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, etc. that can be analyzed on a patient sample. The system may have FDA approval for pH of other body fluids. The system may have the ability to have on-board parallel QC lot capability, allowing for old and new lot QC to be run consecutively for validation for effective time management and CAP compliance. III 3.0 OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, Terms and Conditions of this BPA will be determined by the vendor s current Federal Supply Schedule contract with the General Services Administration or VA National Contract Center. All pricing will be based on and shall not exceed the vendor s most current FSS contract pricing for supplies offered. This shall be based on Period of Performance: 16 May 2024 to 30 April 2025 Base Year 1 May 2025 to 30 April 2026 Option Year 1 1 May 2026 to 30 April 2027 Option Year 2 1 May 2027 to 30 April 2028 Option Year 3 1 May 2028 to 30 April 2029 Option Year 4 ATTACHMENT 1 ANNUAL VOLUME: TEST VOLUME ABG 6800 GLUCOSE 6800 IONIZED CALCIUM 12,176 CO-OXIMITRY 280 LACTIC ACID 4600 NOTE: VA Puget Sound Health Care System workload increases 2.5% each year, on average. 8. The full text of FAR and VAAR provisions or clauses may be accessed electronically at: http://acquisition.gov/comp/far/index.html http://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/index.asp The following solicitation provisions apply to this acquisition: 10. FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors Commercial Items , applies to this acquisition and the following clauses and instructions are added as addenda: ADDENDUM to FAR 52.212-1 INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS COMMERCIAL 52.252-1 Solicitation Provisions Incorporated by Reference (FEB 1998) 52.204-7 System for Award Management (OCT 2018) 52.204-16 Commercial and Government Entity Code Reporting (AUG 2020) 52.211-6 Brand Name or Equal (AUG 1999) 52.214-21 Descriptive Literature (APR 2002) (a) Gray market items are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) goods sold through unauthorized channels in direct competition with authorized distributors. This procurement is for new OEM medical supplies, medical equipment and/or services contracts for maintenance of medical equipment (i.e. replacement parts) for VA Medical Centers. No remanufactures or gray market items will be acceptable. (b) Offeror shall be an OEM, authorized dealer, authorized distributor or authorized reseller for the proposed medical supplies, medical equipment and/or services contracts for maintenance of medical equipment (i.e. replacement parts), verified by an authorization letter or other documents from the OEM, such that the OEM s warranty and service are provided and maintained by the OEM. All software licensing, warranty and service associated with the medical supplies, medical equipment and/or services contracts for maintenance of medical equipment shall be in accordance with the OEM terms and conditions. (c) The delivery of gray market items to the VA in the fulfillment of an order/award constitutes a breach of contract. Accordingly, the VA reserves the right enforce any of its contractual remedies. This includes termination of the contract or, solely at the VA s election, allowing the Vendor to replace, at no cost to the Government, any remanufactured or gray market item(s) delivered to a VA medical facility upon discovery of such items. (d) Any award made as a result of this solicitation will be made on an All or Nothing Basis. (e) Offerors are warned against contacting any VA personnel other than the Contracting Officer and Contract Specialist prior to placement of any award made resulting from this RFQ. If such contact occurs and found to be prejudicial to competing contactors, the offeror making such contact may be excluded from award considerations. (f) All proprietary information shall be clearly and properly marked. If the Offeror submits annexes, documentation, attachments or the like, not specifically required by this solicitation, such will count against the Offeror s page limitations unless otherwise indicated in the specific volume instructions below. (g) All information shall be confined to the appropriate file. The offeror shall confine submissions to essential matters, sufficient to define the quote and provide an adequate basis for evaluation. Offerors are responsible for including sufficient details, in a concise manner, to permit a complete and accurate evaluation of each quote. (End of Addendum to 52.212-1) 11. FAR 52.212-2, Evaluation-Commercial Items , applies to this acquisition. The government intends to make a best value determination based on, but not limited to, the following evaluation factors when evaluating offers: (a) Technical Compliance: Quoted commodities and services/supplies shall be in accordance with the Salient Characteristics and the Statement of Work above. (b) Price: Price - The offeror shall complete the Price/Cost Schedule provided in Section (5) above. (c) Past Performance: Past Performance The offeror shall attach contract numbers of previous similar past performance along with a very brief description of services. (d) Proof of Meeting the Special Tasks and Salient Characteristics per the SOW: The offeror shall provide either a statement or a brief synopsis of the process outlining how they intend to meet the standards provided in both Section (7) Statement of Work and in Section (6) Salient Characteristics order to be considered for award. 12. Offerors are advised to include a completed copy of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items, with its offer if has not been completed on SAM.gov. Offerors must complete annual representations and certifications electronically via the System for Award Management (SAM) website located at https://www.sam.gov/portal in accordance with FAR 52.212-3, Offerors Representations and Certifications Commercial Items. If paragraph (j) of the provision is applicable, a written submission is required. The following contract clauses apply to this acquisition: 13. FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items (OCT 2018) ADDENDUM to FAR 52.212-4 The following clauses are included as a part of the addendum: 52.204-13 System for Award Management Maintenance (OCT 2018) 52.204-18 Commercial and Government Entity Code Maintenance (AUG 2020) 52.217-8 Option to Extend Services (NOV 1999) 52.217-9 Option to Extend the Term of the Contract (MAR 2000) 52.232-40 Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors (DEC 2013) 852.212-70, Provisions and Clauses Applicable to VA Acquisition of Commercial Items (APR 2020). The following clauses are incorporated by this clause: 852.203-70 Commercial Advertis...