Solicitation Number: N6883621Q0090
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 332813
Notice Published: 02-25-21
Response Due: 03-04-21

Agency: Department of the Navy
Contact: Ricardo A. Murillo 904-542-4834 Please see attached PWS for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: JACKSONVILLE, FL 32212-0097
Place of Performance: TRIDENT Refit Facility Bldg 5066, 7A shop, Kings Bays , Ga 31547

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N68836-21-Q-0090 12 MONTH FULL SERVICE WARRANTY FOR Z-1 CUTTER AND 12 MONTH REMOTE SERVICE WARRANTY FOR DIGITIZER / FOR A BASE AND 3 OPTION YEARS This is a NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD ON A SOLE SOURCE BASIS for commercial items prepared in accordance with the information in using Simplified Acquisition Procedures under found at FAR 13. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; a written solicitation will not be issued. PAPER COPIES OF THIS SOLICITATION WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. This combined synopsis/solicitation SHALL be posted on NECO (http://www.neco.navy.mil/ ) and FEDBISOPPS (https://www.fbo.gov/). The Request for Quote (RFQ) number is N6883621Q0090. This solicitation documents and incorporates provisions and clauses in effect through FAC 2005-87 and DFARS Change Notice 20160616. It is the responsibility of the contractor to be familiar with the applicable clauses and provisions. The clauses may be accessed in full text at these addresses: www.acqusition.gov/far and http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/dfars/index.htm . This acquisition will result in a Firm-Fixed Price contract under NAICS code is 332813 and the Small Business Standard is 500 (# of employees) Under the authority of FAR 6.302-1(b)(1)(i), NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville intends to award a Firm Fixed Price contract to Gerber Technology 24 Industrial Park Road West Tolland, CT 06084 for 12 Month full service warranty for Z-1 Cutter and 12 Month remote service Warranty for Digitizer for a Base and 3 Option years.. The proposed contract action is for commercial supplies or services for which the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one source under the authority of FAR 13. Interested persons may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals. This notice of intent is NOT a request for competitive proposals; however, all bids, proposals, or quotations received by closing date will be considered by the Government. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract is based upon responses to this notice and is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Please submit a quote through NECO or directly to Ricardo Murillo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The following FAR provision and clauses are applicable to this procurement: 52.204-7 System for Award Management 52.204-9 Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel 52.204-13 SAM Maintenance 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors - Commercial Items [list any addenda to the provision]; 52.212-3 and its ALT I, Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items; 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items [list any addenda that apply]; 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders Commercial Items [select and list the clauses that apply]. 52.204-10 Reporting Executive Compensation 52.209-6 Protecting the Governments Interest When Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment 52.209-10 Prohibition on Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations 52.219-28 Post Award Small Business Program Representations 52.222-3 Convict Labor 52.222-19 Child LaborCooperation with Authorities and Remedies 52.222-21 Prohibition of Segregated Facilities 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity 52.222-36 Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities 52.223-18 Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving 52.232-33 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer SAM 52.232-36 Payment by Third Party 52.232-39 Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations 52.232-40 Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business. 52.217-8 OPTION TO EXTEND SERVICES (NOV 1999)52.239-1 Privacy or Security Safeguards 52.217-9 OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE CONTRACT (MAR 2000) Quoters are reminded to include a completed copy of 52.212-3 and its ALT I with quotes. All clauses shall be incorporated by reference in the order. Additional contract terms and conditions applicable to this procurement are: [list all applicable DFARS clauses from 212.301(f)] 252.203-7000 Requirements Relating To Compensation of Former DoD Officials 252.203-7005 Representation Relating To Compensation of Former DoD Officials 252.204-7003 Control of Government Personnel Work Product 252.204-7011 Alternative Line Item Structure 252.204-7012 Safeguarding of Unclassified Controlled Technical Information 252.204-7015 Disclosure of Information To Litigation Support Contractors 252.232-7010 Levies On Contract Payments 252.244-7000 Subcontracts For Commercial Items And Commercial Components (DoD Contracts)