Mowing Services, Pine Creek Lake, OK

Subject: Mowing Services, Pine Creek Lake, OK
Solicitation Number: W912BV21Q0042
Notice Type: PRESOL
NAICS: 561730
Set-Aside: Total Small Business
Notice Published: 02-26-21
Response Due: 03-26-21

Agency: Department of the Army
Contact: Colleen Thayer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (918) 669-7657 Fax: (918) 669-7436
Office Address: TULSA, OK 74137-4290
Place of Performance: Valliant, OK 74764

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Pre-Solicitation Notice Mowing Services for Pine Creek Lake, OK W912BV21Q0042 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Southwestern Division (SWD), Tulsa District (SWT) intends to issue a commercial solicitation, W912BV21Q0042 for Mowing Services for Pine Creek Lake, OK. The solicitation will be issued as a 100% Small Business set-aside. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code is 561730 and the applicable Small Business Size Standard, as established by the U.S. Small Business Administration, is $8M. The resulting contract will be issued on a Firm Fixed Price basis for one (1) base period and four (4) option periods to be exercised at the Governments discretion, to the responsible offeror whose offer is conforming to the requirements of the solicitation and will be most advantageous to the Government considering price, past performance, conformance with 889 requirements (FAR Clause 52.204-25 and FAR Provisions 52.204-24 and 52.204-26), and conformance with sub-contracting regulations. The anticipated award date is on or about April 16, 2021. The solicitation will be issued via Internet only on (beta) Website at It is the contractors responsibility to monitor the above-listed internet address for any posted changes. Any and all amendments posted shall be signed and submitted with the offer. Solicitation issue date is on or about March 5, 2021. Quotes are anticipated to be due on or about March 26, 2021. Contractors must be registered and current with System for Award Management (SAM) in order to receive a Government contract award. To register, the (beta) Internet address is: The Previous Contract Number is: W912BV-17-P-0124 The total value of the previous contract (base and options) was: $507,710.00 The Incumbent Contractor is: Roy B. Rousey Any questions and inquiries related to this solicitation shall be submitted through Bidders Inquiry only. The Solicitation Number is: W912BV21Q0042 The Bidder Inquiry Key is: KG9H6D-2S39CW The Bidder Inquiry System will be unavailable for new inquiries after March 18, 2021 in order to ensure adequate time is allotted to form an appropriate response and amend the solicitation, if necessary. PREPROPOSAL/SITE VISIT CONFERENCE A Preproposal Conference/Site Visit is scheduled for 10:30 am local time on 16 March 2021 at Pine Creek Lake Office, US Army Corps of Engineers, 175 White Dove Lane, Valliant, OK 74764-9615. The Site Visit will allow prospective Contractors an opportunity to view the site conditions firsthand. A question and answer period will not be conducted. Questions must be posed using Bidders Inquiry as per the instructions above. Clauses and provisions for Sustainability included in this solicitation: FAR 52.223-1 - Biobased Product Certification FAR 52.223-2 - Affirmative Procurement of Biobased Products Under Service And Construction Contracts FAR 52.223-3 - Hazardous Material Identification and Material Safety Data FAR 52.223-4 - Recovered Material Certification FAR 52.223-5 - Pollution Prevention and Right-to-Know Information FAR 52.223-6 - Drug-Free Workplace FAR 52.223-9 - Estimate of Percentage of Recovered Material for EPA Designated Items FAR 52.223-10 - Waste Reduction Program FAR 52.223-17 - Affirmative Procurement of EPA-Designated Items in Service and Construction Contracts FAR 52.223-18 - Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving FAR 52.223-19 - Compliance with Environmental Management Systems FAR 52.223-22 - Public Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals-Representation