Silicon Nanoparticle Reactor

Subject: Silicon Nanoparticle Reactor
Solicitation Number: SS-2021-Si_NP_Reactor
Notice Type: SRCSGT
NAICS: 334516
Notice Published: 05-03-21
Response Due: 05-12-21

Agency: Department of Energy
Contact: Paul Wilke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: Golden, CO 80402
Place of Performance: Golden, CO 80401

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NREL is currently seeking sources that are capable of providing a Silicon Nanoparticle Reactor. This document invites responses from all sources globally in expressing their interest and capabilities. Organizations responding to this Sources Sought Notice must demonstrate specific technical capabilities and experience. NREL reserves the right to include additional requirements for qualification in any resultant official Request for Proposal (RFP). It is NRELs intent the Si Nanoparticle Reactor will be capable of producing diamond cubic crystalline Si nanoparticles with an average diameter between 3-150 nm and a full width at half maximum (FWHM) distribution of no more than 20% of the mean. The system needs the ability to produce at least 3 different unique sizes, with at least 1 average diameter in each of the following size regimes: 3-10 nm, 20-50 nm, and 100-150 nm.