Subject: Luminex
Solicitation Number: 2021-54944
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 424210
Notice Published: 05-03-21
Response Due: 05-11-21

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Contact: Rasool Rebecca, Contract Specialist (Contractor) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: ATLANTA, GA 30333
Place of Performance: Anchorage, AK 99508

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Luminex 1 Each SOFTWARE INCLUDED: xPONENT 4.3 (3 seats) Allele-call module (3 seats) Remote Web Monitoring module (3 seats) REAGENTS INCLUDED: xMAP Sheath Fluid (20L), qty 1 (ships with LX200) Luminex 200 Calibration Kit, 25 Uses Luminex 200 Verification Kit, 25 Uses ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Magnetic Plate Separator Automated Maintenance Plate Sheath Delivery Pump Luminex 200 & xPONENT Advanced Training Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit w/ xPonent 4.3 Dell Optiplex with 2 Port PCI RS232 Serial Adapter Card 3.0 GHz Intel Core i5 (or higher) Dell Warranty Transfer 1 TB Hard drive space (or higher) Dell 19in LCD monitor Dell Keyboard & mouse 1 year warranty from date of sale provided by Luminex: - Unlimited visits for emergency repair - All costs associated with emergency repair (includes travel, parts and labor) - On-site 2-business day response time - Priority scheduling of requests for service - Product updates and modifications - Unlimited 24 x 7 x 365 remote support