6515--Brownsburg Omnicell Package (VA-21-00040743)

Subject: 6515--Brownsburg Omnicell Package (VA-21-00040743)
Solicitation Number: 36C77621Q0242
Notice Type: PRESOL
NAICS: 339112
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-21-21

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Ron Shelko, Contract Specialist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (216) 447-8300
Office Address: INDEPENDENCE, OH 44131
Place of Performance: Brownsburg VA Clinic 557 Pit Road Brownsburg, IN 46112

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FY21-01 l JSN: M3150, M3150A, M3150C, M3150L l Medication Distribution Systems and Components Statement of Work Page of 6 Veteran Health Indiana (VHI) Brownsburg VA Clinic Initial Outfitting, Transition & Activation Statement of Work Medication Distribution Systems and Components (JSNs: M3150, M3150A, M3150C, and M3150L) Veteran Health Indiana 557 Pit Road Brownsburg, IN 46112 Brownsburg VA Clinic Project INTRODUCTION Veteran Health Indiana (VHI) has a requirement to purchase Medication Distribution Systems and Components (JSNs: M3150, M3150A, M3150C, and M3150L) with an authorized vendor to supply and deliver the item(s) identified in Table 1 below. See salient characteristics below. This is a Sole Source Only Requirement. This requirement is in support of the activation of VHI Brownsburg VA Clinic Project. The new outpatient clinic has the need for one (1) 1-cell medication cabinet with a computer and a printer to be used in the Pharmacy Department, and a total of five (5) half-height medication cabinets to be used in the facility s PACT areas. In addition, a total of six (6) Flexlock devices are required to be used for secured medication distribution of all sensitive refrigerated products. Omnicell is the basis for design. Table 1 Package Items Summary Item # JSN Item Description Part # (basis of design) Quantity 1 M3150 XT CSM AIO AUX 1-CELL CABINET CSM-FRM-101 1 2 M3150 OPEN CONFIGURABLE DRAWER MED-DRW-010 10 3 M3150 METAL LOCKING DRAWER MED-DRW-009 15 4 M3150A CSM SOFTWARE & WORKSTATION KIT (AIO) CSM-AIO-011 1 5 M3150A 2D BARCODE SCANNER, CSM CSM-SCN-001 1 6 M3150A BIO-ID READER, DESKTOP, USB CSM-SCN-002 1 7 M3150C XT MED 1/2-HEIGHT CABINET Solution includes: *XT MED 1/2-HEIGHT CABINET*XT CONSOLE- BIOID, MED LBL & RCPT PRNTR*SW LICENSE- PROFILE OPTION*SW LICENSE- SCHEDULED MEDS*XT SCANNER, WIRED (1/2 & 1/4 HEIGHT) MED-FRM-104 5 8 M3150C XT EXTERNAL RETURN BIN, WIRED CAB MOUNT MED-OPT-002 5 9 M3150C PREMIUM WIN10 PACKAGE Prices are calculated based on120 month subscription term MSA-SUB-006 5 10 M3150L XT FLEXLOCK WITH 50 FT CABLE, INSTALLED SRD-OPT-012 6 11 Installation 1 12 User Training 1 Additional Item Requirements The vendor will provide service manuals that includes theory of operation, maintenance requirements, repair information, schematics, part lists and troubleshooting information in electronic format for use by the VA IT Operations Department. Date of manufacture must not be greater than 2 years before the purchase order date. The equipment must not be used or refurbished and must have the latest manufacturer s software/hardware updates installed. Any batteries provided with the unit will not be manufactured more than 12 months before the purchase order issue date. GENERAL CONDITIONS Site Address The address of the Brownsburg VA Clinic is provided below. 557 Pit Road Brownsburg, IN 46112 Delivery Schedule Items shall be delivered no earlier than the estimated delivery start date and no later than the delivery end date listed in Table 2 below. Table 2 Anticipated Building Outfitting Schedule Building Name Building # & Letter Acronym Est. Delivery Start Date Est. Delivery End Date Brownsburg VA Clinic 557 June 7, 2021 September 7, 2021 Schedule and Order Management The above delivery schedule is based upon the current construction schedule due to the nature of activation efforts and construction timelines and dates may vary and shift. Delivery dates need to be flexible. The delivery of items for installation are dependent upon the completion of applicable areas within the building. If there is a delay, the Contractor may be required to adjust the delivery date at no cost to the Government. The Contractor will coordinate with the on-site POC s before delivery. The awardees actual delivery dates will be confirmed by VA upon award. Post-award, the vendor will coordinate delivery identified in this document with the VA prior to beginning any work (See Section 2.4). Once the dates have been confirmed, modifications to the schedule are subject to written approval by the CO, COR, and the vendor. Delivery and Receiving Delivery and receipt of the proposed items is anticipated to be directed to the location identified below. Confirmation of delivery location will be provided post-award. To coordinate delivery, contact Government POC Jerrell (Jeff) Cockrell at (636) 395-9761, Jerrell.cockrell@sme- solutions.co, and Robert Stonerook at (706) 304-7194, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Brownsburg VA Clinic (Direct Delivery to address detailed in paragraph 2.1) The vendor is required to define the need for a staging area to accommodate item delivery, if needed. Post-award, this information will be confirmed with the vendor. The delivery of items identified in this document shall take place during normal loading dock business hours which are defined as: 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, and excluding Federal Holidays. Delivery trucks will not be permitted to remain at the loading dock. Trucks shall be unloaded, moved from the dock, and then brought back to the dock if required to haul out any waste, tools, or excess materials. Labeling of delivered items shall include the VA facilities contract number and VA purchase order number for identification and reference upon receipt of product. NOTE: Due to the COVID19 situation, masks are required to be worn by all individuals when in common areas on VA property. Any individuals who need to enter the building for installation &/or training will be required to be screened by the site staff prior to entry. Please allow time for this in your schedule. Clean Up and Disposal There are no dumpsters available for vendor use. The removal of waste and/or excess material shall be conducted through the loading dock area. Assembly, Installation, and Calibration Required (Yes No ) The vendor is required to manage and coordinate installation at the VHI Brownsburg VA Clinic with the COR or his representative IOT&A POC. On-site assembly and installation of items, and performance of services identified in this document shall take place during normal business hours which are defined as: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, and excluding Federal Holidays. Proposed installation date will occur after delivery of equipment. Current timeframe of delivery is June 7, 2021 September 7, 2021. The vendor is required to define the need for a staging area to accommodate item assembly and installation, if needed. Post-award, this information will be confirmed with the vendor. The vendor is required to provide tools, labor and materials to complete assembly and installation of the items detailed in this document. The vendor shall protect all finished spaces and surfaces as required from delivery and installation damage. The vendor shall use covering and protection to the extent necessary to prevent damage to finished spaces. Any damage occurred during delivery and installation is the responsibility of the vendor. The vendor will be responsible for paying for and repairing any damage or noted deficiencies to finished spaces and surfaces that occur because of the vendor s (or associated sub-contractors) installation. During the entire duration of assembly and installation, the vendor will have a competent representative on-site as the vendor s contact, and to serve as the interface between the vendor and the VHI Brownsburg VA Clinic. On-site representative can be the installer. All instructions provided from COR to the representative will be binding as if given to the vendor s main contact. The COR may provide specific instructions, however, only the Contracting Officer may change the terms or conditions of the contract. Training Required (Yes No ) The vendor is required to provide live clinical training on set up, operation, shut down, and troubleshooting procedures to nursing staff. The vendor shall coordinate training dates with the on-site Project Manager. Post-award, these dates will be confirmed with the vendor to meet the clinical schedule. Proposed training date will occur after installation of equipment. Current timeframe of training is September 2021. The vendor shall provide documentation and/or certification to each staff member that has successfully completed the training. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure This equipment does connect to a VA network. Therefore, in accordance with Appendix A, Handbook 6500.6 Checklist, block 6, the C&A requirements apply to this requirement, and a Security Accreditation Package is not required. This equipment does hold or store patient information. Therefore, in accordance with Appendix A, Handbook 6500.6 Checklist block 7, Appendix B and C provisions apply. Appendix B: The contractor, their personnel, and their subcontractors shall be subject to the Federal laws, regulations, standards, and VA Directives and Handbooks regarding information and information system security as delineated in this contract. Appendix C: VA will own this equipment. If vendor needs access during delivery, assembly, install or repair, the contractor shall be escorted by a VA employee to ensure there is no exposure to VA sensitive information. If the contractor is required to be on site for more than two consecutive days, VHA Privacy Training, TMS Course VA10203, is required and available at https://www.tms.va.gov/SecureAuth35/. The contractor will provide all consumable supplies necessary for training and competency assessment of hospital staff. Proof of training will be provided to the COR upon request. SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS Specification Sheet: M3150, Distribution System, Medication, Automatic (Attachment A) Specification Sheet: M3150A, Distribution System, Medication, Components (Attachment B) Specification Sheet: M3150C, Distribution System, Medication, Half Height (Attachment C) Specification Sheet: M3150L, Distribution System, Medication, Flexlock (Attachment D)