Solicitation Number: SPRPA121QW017
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 333999
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-17-21

Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Contact: Telephone: 2157372522 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111-5098

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CONTACT INFORMATION|4|APAC.34|LPD|2157372522|This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.| ITEM UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AND VALUATION (MAR 2016)|19|||||||||||||||||||| FMS DELIVERY AND SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS|3|||N52212.52| WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (DEC 2018)|16|INVOICE AND RECEIVING REPORT (COMBO)||TBD|SPRPA1|TBD|TBD|TBD|TBD||||||||| NAVY USE OF ABILITYONE SUPPORT CONTRACTOR - RELEASE OF OFFEROR INFORMATION (3-18))|1|| EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (SEP 2016)|2||| EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR VETERANS (JUN 2020)|4||||| EQUAL OPPORTUITY FOR WORKERS WITH DISABILITIES (JUN 2020)|2||| BUY AMERICAN-FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS-BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM - BASIC(DEVIATION 2020-O0019) (JUL 2020))|3|||| ALTERNATE A, ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (APR 2020)|13|||||||||||||| BUY AMERICAN-FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS-BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM CERTIFICATE (DEVIATION 2020-O0019) (JUL 2020))|3|||| BUY AMERICAN--BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM (NOV 2014)|1|| ROYALTY INFORMATION (APR 1984)|1|| ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (MAR 2020)|13|334511|1250|||||||||||| FACSIMILE PROPOSALS (OCT 1997)|1|| NOTICE OF PRIORITY RATING FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE, EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, ANDENERGY PROGRAM USE (APR 2008))|2||X| EVALUATION CRITERIA AND BASIS FOR AWARD -|1|| The purpose of this amendment is to increase the quantity to 6 units. All other Terms and Conditions remain unchanged. \ THIS SOLICITATION IS BEING ISSUED UNDER SEPA. Offerors are advised that offers received from sources which are notgovernment-approved sources of supply will be deemed technically unacceptable,and therefore ineligible for award. Any distributors of approved source(s) MUSTsubmit a copy of their authorized distributor letter, on the source'sletterhead, to the buyer point of contact indicated on the solicitation viaemail, at time of proposal submittal. \"