6515--Nidek Retinal Laser Brand Name Not a request for quote

Subject: 6515--Nidek Retinal Laser Brand Name Not a request for quote
Solicitation Number: 36C24421Q0814
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 339112
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-16-21

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Andrew L Taylor, Contracting Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: PITTSBURGH, PA 15215

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        06-08-21 PRESOL

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This is Pre-Solicitation Notice The solicitation will be unrestricted; an offeror shall be VIP-Verified and registered at sam.gov to be eligible for award. The NAICS Code is 339112, All other personal services or All other support services. No further information is available now; no response is expected. The solicitation will be posted at on 6/9/2021 0900 Eastern Standard Time. Thank you for your interest. VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System (VAPHS) SCOPE OF WORK AND GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR Exam Tables Background VAPHS currently has old Nidek Retinal Laser. They are not working properly and past end of life. Clinical staff is in need of an updated model for safe clinical treatment. Project Scope VAPHS requires the purchase of a Nidek GYC500 Retinal laser for retinal treatment in the EYE Clinic Specifications Treatment laser Diode pumped solid state laser Wavelength 532 nm Wavelength 50 to 1700 mW (Except for scan delivery) 50 to 1500 mW (Scan delivery) Output type Continuous wave, Pulse 0.01 to 0.2 second Exposure time 0.01 to 3.00 seconds Interval time 0.05 to 1.0 second Aiming laser Red diode, 635 nm, max. 0.2 to 0.4 mW Power supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz Power consumption 250 VA Dimensions / Mass 237 (W) x 318 (D) x 90 (H) mm / 6.2 kg*1 9.3 (W) x 12.5 (D) x 3.5 (H)" / 13.7 lbs.*1 Optional accessories Power foot switch, Dual unit, Expansion box, CB top plate attachment unit, Safety goggles, 3D mouse, Barcode scanner, Magnetic card reader Spot size 100 to 500 m (scan mode & auto manipulation mode), 50 to 500 m (single mode) Emission pattern Single Square (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5), Equal space (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5)*2, Rectangle, Triple arc, Triple curve, Arcade grid, Triangle, Circle, Arc (3/4 circle, 2/4 circle, 1/4 circle), Curve, Line Type Scan delivery unit (GYC-500 Vixi) Scan slit lamp delivery unit (NIDEK SL-1800) Scan attachable delivery unit (NIDEK SL-1800, Zeiss SL130, & 30SL/M, HAAG 900BQ) Dimensions / Mass 760 (W) x 450 (D) x 1300 to 1500 (H) mm / approximately 45 kg*3 29.9 (W) x 17.7 (D) x 51.2 to 59.1 (H)" / 99.2 lbs.*3 (NIDEK SL-1800 scan slit lamp delivery with table Delivery Location Attn: Andrea Thomas or Joshua Olexa 2A118 VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System University Drive C Building 1 Pittsburgh, PA 15240-1001 Prior to delivery, Contracting Officer Representative and/or Business Manager shall receive shipping information from Contractor and forward to Logistics and Biomed using the emails listed above. The Contractor must comply and provide all necessary information to VAPHS. Otherwise, the delivery may be refused and require redelivery at no additional cost to the government. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Contractor shall provide three (3) copies of each Safety Data Sheet for every product, chemical, etc. used on this project. SDS sheets shall be provided for any material on the same day those materials arrive on VA property. At no time shall the contractor have, or permit subcontractors to have, materials on station without SDS sheets. All instructions for use shall be followed. Products will not be used until SDS's are submitted to the COR. The contractor shall maintain a current, green in color, loose-leaf notebook on the job site at all times, which is readily available for viewing by the COR or VA Safety Officer. Delivery Coordination Normal business hours for acceptance of deliveries are 8:00am-3:30pm, Monday thru Friday excluding Federal Holidays. Deliveries must be coordinated in advance with COR once a ship date is established. The COR, Biomedical Engineering and/or Logistics Representative shall be the only VA entity signing for freight received on this requirement. The VA-issued purchase order number must be included in the packing slip. All items included in the requirement shall be shipped and delivered to site at same time. If deliveries must be broken into several shipments due to size, this must be coordinated in advance with the COR. Failure the coordinate shipment with COR, may result in failure to deliver on site and cause re-scheduling of delivery/freight at no charge to the government. The packing slip must include the VA-issued purchase order number Additional Charges There will be no additional charge for time spent at the site during, or after the normal hours of coverage awaiting the arrival of additional FSE and/or delivery of parts or installation. There will be no additional charges for time spent assembling the bladder scanners. There will be no additional charges for any time spent on-site provided training to either clinical or technical staff. There will be no additional charges with the waste management protocol listed in section 8. Packaging Waste management Contractor shall remove packaging materials and all shipping debris from site and dispose of at appropriate recycling facilities. Contractor shall collect and separate for disposal all paper, plastic, polystyrene, corrugated cardboard, packaging material in appropriate bins for recycling on site if available. Contract shall fold metal and plastic banding, flatten and place in designated areas for trash. Estimates In the quotes, vendors will indicate whether their solution has MET, NOT MET or MET WITH QUALIFICATIONS for each line item in this document (MET WITH QUALIFICATIONS will require a detailed listing of non-compliance). In addition, vendors will complete the Instructions to Offertory s (ITO) and respond in detail to each question. Vendors are required to respond to each item individually in both documents. Include the specification/question number and text in your response document to facilitate review. 10. Influenza Vaccination VHA Directive 1192 requires all health care personnel (HCP) to participate in the seasonal influenza prevention program and outlines the key implementation steps. Health care personnel is defined in VHA Directive 1192 as all VA licensed and unlicensed, clinical and administrative, paid and unpaid, full- and part-time employees, intermittent employees, fee basis employees, VA contractors, students, researchers, volunteers, and trainees who work in VHA locations. HCP covered by the policy are expected to receive annual influenza vaccination. This requirement is extended to all Contractor personnel with potential to come into minimal contact (passing in the corridor) with any patients, visitors, or staff members at VAPHS. Those individuals unable or unwilling to be vaccinated are required to wear a face mask throughout the influenza season. Masks are available at entrances throughout the medical center. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that all contract staff is compliant with the requirements outlined in VHA Directive 1192. The contractor shall maintain the following documentation: - Documentation of vaccination, e.g., signed record of immunization from a health care provider or pharmacy, or a copy of medical records documenting the vaccination. - Completed Health Care Personnel Influenza Vaccination Form (Attachment B of VHA Directive 1192) if unwilling or unable to receive the vaccine. The contractor is required to submit annual certification in the form of a memorandum to the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) that all contract staff performing services at VA facilities is in compliance with VHA Directive 1192. 11. Tuberculosis Prevention Standard Personnel Testing (PPD, etc.): Contractor shall provide proof of the following tests for personnel within five (5) calendar days after contract award and prior to the first duty shift to the COR and Contracting Officer.  Tests shall be current within the past year. TUBERCULOSIS TESTING:  Contractor shall provide proof of a negative reaction to PPD testing for all contract personnel.  A negative chest radiographic report for active tuberculosis shall be provided in cases of positive PPD results.  The PPD test shall be repeated annually. RUBELLA TESTING:  Contractor shall provide proof of immunization for all contract personnel for measles, mumps, rubella or a rubella titer of 1.8 or greater.  If the titer is less than 1.8, a rubella immunization shall be administered with follow-up documentation to the COR. Please provide a signed memo stating that: (number of assigned Key Personnel) assigned to VA Contract #___________ have tested negative for tuberculosis within the past 365 days. (number of assigned Key Personnel) assigned to VA Contract #___________ have been immunized for measles, mumps, rubella or a rubella titer of 1.8 or greater. 12. HIPAA Training Certificates If Contractor will be working onsite for installation and activation of equipment, all HIPAA training completion documentation must be provided to the COR listed in the awarded contract. 13. Tobacco All VA Pittsburgh property is tobacco free. Contractor personnel will comply with VA Pittsburgh tobacco and smoking policies. Violations will result in a warning and possible citation. 14. COVID-19 Related Policies Upon entering VAPHS, per CDC and federal regulations, all personnel must wear the required PPE while on-site; at a minimum this includes a cloth mask. PPE will not be provided by VAPHS. All individuals are required to enter through the main entrance for temperature screening. If Contractor s temperature exceeds the designated threshold, they will be asked to leave. In the event of an FSE being forced to vacate the premises, they shall notify the necessary Biomedical Engineering staff and provide a contact for a replacement.