Black Creek Bridge Repair Construction

Subject: Black Creek Bridge Repair Construction
Solicitation Number: 12445221B0003
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 237310
Set-Aside: Total Small Business
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-17-21

Agency: Department of Agriculture
Contact: James Hunt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (404) 347-1761
Office Address: ATLANTA, GA 30309
Place of Performance: Bristol, FL 32321

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Amendment #0003-The purpose of this amendment is to 1) Add Bridge Inspection Report, 2) Add FS Specs Addendum, 3) Add Standard Drawing, 4) Add RFI's Q&A 1 - 12 Amendment #0002 -The purpose of this amendment is to 1) Extend the hour and date specified for receipt of Offers, 2) Provide Sign-in Sheet from the Site Visit. Offers Due NLT: June 17, 2021 1430 ET The purpose for amendment #0001 is to add addendum #1 to the solicitation. It is in the attachments section and requires a fill-in. Construction services (Contractor) to provide for the repair of one bridge on the Apalachicola Ranger District in the National Forests in Florida. The project includes, but is not limited to timber pile splicing repairs, guardrail repairs and concrete pile cap and superstructure repairs. The construction activities will include full closure of road during repair. (a) The Government is planning a pre-bid/pre-proposal conference, during which potential offerors may obtain a better understanding of the work required. (b) Offerors are encouraged to submit all questions in writing at least five (5) days prior to the conference. Questions will be considered at any time prior to or during the conference; however, offerors will be asked to confirm verbal questions in writing. Subsequent to the conference, an amendment to the solicitation containing an abstract of the questions and answers, and a list of attendees, will be disseminated. (c) In order to facilitate conference preparations, it is requested that the person named on the Standard Form 1442 of this solicitation be contacted and advised of the number of persons who will attend. (d) The Government assumes no responsibility for any expense incurred by an offeror prior to contract award. (e) Offerors are cautioned that, notwithstanding any remarks or clarifications given at the conference, all terms and conditions of the solicitation remain unchanged unless they are changed by amendment to the solicitation. If the answers to conference questions, or any solicitation amendment, create ambiguities, it is the responsibility of the offeror to seek clarification prior to submitting an offer. (f) The conferences will be held at the following locations for the corresponding line items and Forests[HJ-F1] listed in the Schedule of Items: Date: June 3, 2021 Time: 11:30 am Location: 30.194139, -84.881722 Award will be made to the lowest priced, responsible offeror who is responsive to the solicitation. Responsibility will be determined in accordance with FAR Subpart 9.104-1.