OZARK- ST. FRANCIS NATIONAL FOREST Boston Mountain Ranger District Grounds Maintenance at Lake Wedington

Subject: OZARK- ST. FRANCIS NATIONAL FOREST Boston Mountain Ranger District Grounds Maintenance at Lake Wedington
Solicitation Number: 12444221Q0036
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 561730
Set-Aside: Total Small Business
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-21-21

Agency: Department of Agriculture
Contact: Charles Fremin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (580) 583-9190
Office Address: HOT SPRINGS, AR 71902
Place of Performance: Ozark, AR 72949

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Site visit is expected I. Scope: This contract provides for mowing and trimming in specified areas from date of contract award through October 31, 2021. All work shall be performed in accordance with the terms of this solicitation. Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, transportation, equipment, and supplies to perform the grounds maintenance at Lake Wedington Recreation Area on the Boston Mountain Ranger District for the specified frequencies. Lake Wedington is located 13 miles West of Fayetteville on State Hwy 16. II. Contractor Furnished Property: The Contractor will provide all equipment such as trimming and lawn mowing equipment, transportation for hauling mower, fuel, and oil to maintain grassy areas. All equipment repairs and other expenses incidental to these activities are the responsibility of the Contractor. It is the Contractors responsibility to implement all means necessary to fully comply with the mowing specifications and schedule. III. Frequency: Services to be performed at Lake Wedington Recreation Area. (reference attached vicinity and area maps): Maintain each week. Maintain every two weeks. Maintain every three weeks. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS VI. Mow/cut/trim grass at locations (a-p) Mow or cut, and trim grass areas designated on attached map(s). Recreation Entrance shall be maintained on either side of entrance approach. Mow around individual approach signs along highway/access routes (two per site). Cut all grass and weeds to 3 inches in height. Mow and weed-eat around all site amenities, signs, fences etc. Mowing shall be accomplished with neat, clean, uniform lines. Remove all cut debris deposited on sidewalks, parking areas etc (sweep or blow improved surfaces) Loose rocks protruding one and a half inches or more above surface and loose rocks 3 inches or more in diameter on surface shall be removed from the mowed and weed eater area. Mowing shall not be accomplished if grounds are wet resulting in rutting. No rutting or scalping of grounds. Herbicide application and specific location shall be approved by a Forest Service certified applicator if desired to reduce amount of trimming needed around buildings and parking lots once grass is at or below acceptable height. VII. Mowing Schedule of Grounds Maintenance All sites (a-n listed above) shall be maintained every week, every two weeks or every three weeks depending on the contract bid that is selected and funds available. Currently the recreation area is closed, and grounds maintenance may occur Monday Sunday. If the recreation area opens during this performance period all ground maintenance shall occur Tue-Thursday. Additional weekly mowing of Administrative sites may be required depending on rain events or special use events in the recreation area. Contractor will be given 48 hours notice. Additional grounds maintenance will be billed and paid separately. B. Clean up of Recreation site facilities and common area Pick up litter in. Family units need more intensive policing than do buffer/common areas around them. Pick up even small litter in family units to keep a clean appearance. Pay particular attention to removing broken glass and other safety hazardous material that could be thrown by the mower. NOTE: A NUMBER OF THE SITES MAY NEED RAKING PRIOR TO MOWING TO REMOVE LIMBS OR LITTER. CONTRACTOR IS RESPONIBLE FOR POLICING THE AREA PRIOR TO MOWING IN ORDER TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THEIR EQUIPMENT AND SCATTERING LITTER LEFT BEHIND BY VISITORS. DO NOT MOW/CUT ON WEEKENDS WHEN THE RECREATION AREA IS OPEN IF PRESENT, DO NOT CUT OR DAMAGE PLANTED SEEDLINGS/SAPLINGS PLANTED IN THE AREAS. MOWING SHOULD NOT BEGIN AT ANY RECREATION SITE WITH CAMPSITES BEFORE 7 a.m. ENTRANCE SIGNS AND DIRECTIONAL SIGNS ARE INCLUDED AS PART OF THE RECREATION SITES CONTRACTOR WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE ESTABLISHED IN THE Central Contractors Resignation (CCR) DATABASE AND TO ACQUIRE A DUNS NUMBER/TIN. CONTRACTOR SHALL REPORT AND TURN IN ANY ITEM FOUND OF VALUE. LAW ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES WOULD THEN BE FOLLOWED.