Barksdale RAPCON Misc. Repairs

Subject: Barksdale RAPCON Misc. Repairs
Solicitation Number: 697DCK-20-R-00268
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 236220
Set-Aside: Total Small Business
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-18-21

Agency: Department of Transportation
Contact: Darren Odegard This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (206) 231-3022
Office Address: FORT WORTH, TX 76177
Place of Performance: Barksdale AFB, LA 71110

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Amendment 3: Posted 6/10/21 Amendment 2 posted 6/4/21. Due date extended, answer to received question. There will be another amendment as soon as a response is received regarding a roofing question. ****Clarification**** Due date for questions: The due date for questions is extended to Thursday May 27, 2021 at 1500 PST. Questions received after this date may not be answered. Amendment 01 posted 5/17/21 The following is a summary of the work to be performed at the Barksdale RAPCON located on the Barksdale Air Force Base. 1. ALL FAA specified and Contractor supplied materials must require an approval by the FAA through the submittal process prior to purchase and installation of such materials. 2. Contractor must use GE Sil Proof 2000 sealant, or an equivalent that meets the specifications in the sealants section (All sealants and all materials listed as brand names are acceptable or an equivalent if the substitute meets the specifications listed in the products specification section). This product will be used to reseal where existing sealant has deteriorated, or sealant was removed (Exterior only). 3. Contractor must Furnish and Install (F & I) new GE interior paintable sealant where hollow metal door frames have been replaced with new doors, and frames. 4. Contractor must Repair & Replace (Typ. R & R) Radar Approach Control facility (RAPCON): roofing and coping etc. system (Tear off to the deck), 5. F & I new roof top perimeter guard railing system. Railing must meet FAA (drawings and specification sections) and OSHA requirements. 6. F & I fabricated roof top access ship ladder per drawing location. 7. Remove (5-6) exterior hollow metal doors and frames. 8. F & I new exterior commercial hollow metal doors and full welded frames. 9. F & I DTM (direct to Metal) primer and paint for new and existing exterior doors. 10. Paint Colors must be chosen at a later date by the occupants ( FAA Personnel that daily maintains and owns the structure) of the facility. 11. Contractor must remove all construction debris from the site, as to maintain a clean and safe working environment. 12. PROVIDE AND INSTALL A NEW ROOF LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR THE RAPCON BLGD LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM TO MEET OR EXCEED THE REQUIREMENTS OF FAA STANDARD, FAA-STD-019F (THROUGHOUT THE SPECIFICATIONS, TYP), ORDERS, PROJECT DRAWINGS, AND THE FOLLOWING: 13. STANDARDS FOR INSTALLATION OF LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS (NFPA 780) 14. INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS FOR LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS (UL 96A) 15. PROVIDE CLASS II OR LARGER RATED MATERIALS, AS SPECIFIED IN NFPA 780 FOR AIR TERMINALS, MAIN AND DOWN CONDUCTORS AND BONDING CONDUCTORS. 16. NUMBER OF DOWN CONDUCTORS MUST BE BASED ON FAA-STD-019F. MAKE SURE DOWN CONDUCTORS FOLLOW THE MOST DIRECT PATH TO EARTH AND MAIN AND BONDING CONDUCTORS MAINTAIN A HORIZONTAL OR DOWNWARD PATH. 17. AIR TERMINALS MUST BE SOLID COPPER, BRONZE OR ALUMINUM, 12-IN HIGH MINIMUM, WITH 1/2 IN DIAMETER FOR COPPER AND 5/8-IN DIAMETER FOR ALUMINUM AND INSTALLED AS PER NFPA 780 AND UL 96A. 18. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE UL LISTED AND LABELED WITH THE UL CERTIFICATION MARK IN ACCORDANCE WITH UL REQUIREMENTS. 19. PLEASE NOTE THAT INCLUSION OF A UL MASTER LABEL ALONE MUST NOT BE SUFFICIENT TO INDICATE COMMPLIANCE WITH FAA-STD-019F.