S205--General Waste & Recycling

Subject: S205--General Waste & Recycling
Solicitation Number: 36C25021Q0200
Notice Type: PRESOL
NAICS: 562111
Set-Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Notice Published: 06-10-21
Response Due: 06-21-21

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contact: Wendy Stewart, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (734) 845-5605
Office Address: DAYTON, OH 45428
Place of Performance: DETROIT VA MEDICAL CENTER 4646 JOHN R STREET DETROIT, MI 48201 48201

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THIS IS A PRE-SOLCITATION NOTICE: The Network 10 Contracting Office, PO Box 492, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105, is soliciting and intends to award a firm fixed price, contract for general waste and recycling services for the Detroit VAMC located at 4646 John R Street in Detroit, MI 48201. NAICS Code 562111, Size/Standard $41.5 Million. This solicitation shall be conducted in accordance with FAR 13. All potential bidders MUST be registered and active in the System for Award Management site (SAM) at https://www.sam.gov. Potential bidders should register at https://www.beta.sam.gov in order to receive notification of and/or changes to the solicitation. The solicitation will be issued electronically and will be available only via the Contract Opportunities website https://www.beta.sam.gov. No fax or mail bid packages shall be accepted. Bid packages will be available on the Contract Opportunities website on or about June 11, 2021. No phone, fax or email inquiries will be taken for this Pre-Solicitation Notice. PWS Non-Hazardous Waste Removal and Recycling Programs GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to award non-personal services contract to provide waste services. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, vehicles, supervision, and other items and services necessary to perform recycling and disposal services for non-hazardous general waste, cardboard, scrap metal, construction material, bulk waste, and yard waste, as well as provide equipment maintenance and repair services for all installed and existing disposal containers and compactors, at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE The period of performance shall be for one full year and four possible option years. DEFINITIONS: CO - Contracting Officer: The person with the authority to enter into, administer, and/or terminate contracts, and make related determinations and findings, including changes within the original contract scope, on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Contracting Officer (CO) has the overall responsibility for administration of this contract to amend, modify or deviate from the contract terms, conditions, requirements, specifications, details and/or schedules. However, the Contracting Officer may delegate certain other responsibilities to authorized representatives. COR - Contracting Officer Representative: Any person(s) designated in writing by the contracting officer to act for the CO within the limits of the delegated authority. Under this contract, the COR shall be the VA person at each facility who is qualified to render advice and assistance to the contractor s service personnel. The COR shall also be responsible for certifying that services performed have been satisfactorily rendered in accordance with contract terms. The COR shall assist the Contracting Officer in the discharge of the work. The responsibilities of the COR include, but are not limited to: determining the adequacy of performance by the contractor in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract; Acting as the Government Representative in charge of the work on site; ensuring compliance with the contract requirements insofar as work is concerned; and advising the CO of any factors which could cause delay in performance of the work. Contractor Service Representative: Authorized service representative(s) of the Contractor who have been provided by the Contractor to the VA in writing for the purpose of coordination and performance of service. Realtime: Realtime is defined as the actual time during which a process or event occurs. RTCMS: Real Time Continuous Monitoring System (RTCMS). System which monitors fill level of container in Realtime to avoid overflow and facilitate timely emptying of containers. The contractor shall provide the government with unlimited 24-hour, 7 day per week online access to the monitoring system and data. When waste is deposited into the container the RTCMS system shall within milliseconds collect the appropriate data and make it continuously available to staff at the VA Hospital through a remote reporting system available on the internet without limitations to how many times they access the data. APPLICABLE LAWS/REGULATIONS All waste removal shall comply with State and Federal laws and regulations. The following federal regulations and laws are applicable to the removal of scrap material and expendable property: Public Law 103-329, Section 608, Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Act of 1995, General Provisions, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2004, Public Law 108-199, dated January 23, 2004, Division F, Title VI, Section 607, 118 Stat. 351, VA Financial Policies and Procedures Recycling Revenue Volume II Chapter 7E June 2012, and Federal Management Regulation 102-38.295. The contractor shall perform work under this contract consistent with environmental laws and policies, including ISO 14001 EMS (http://www.epa.gov/). REQUIREMENTS AND SCOPE: CONTAINERS & EQUIPMENT: All existing and installed compactors and waste containers shall have a Real Time Continues Monitoring System (RTCMS) installed with exception of the on-call container. VA/GOVERNMENT FURNISHED EQUIPMENT (GFE): (1) General Waste Compactor located in Sanitary Dock off Hancock Street, Red Building. (1) 34-Yard unregulated waste container. This container shall be cleaned off-site prior to being returned. CONTRACTOR PROVIDED EQUIPMENT: All Contractor provided equipment shall be generally clean, free of excessive rust, shall not leak, and shall be free of any sharp edges or other dangerous conditions. The COR may order the cleaning of excessively dirty containers or their replacement at the Government s discretion. General Waste Removal: (1) 34-yard unregulated General Waste exchange container that is compatible with the government owned Compactor. This container shall be used to replace the Government-owned 34-Yard container when it is removed for dumping. The government owned container shall be held at a transfer station provided by the contractor until it is ready for the next exchange. Cardboard Compacting: (1) Dockside closed Compactor with (1) 34-yard Container for cardboard. Compactor shall fit the space allowed, be covered (no open top), have a 6-to-1 compaction ratio (ram compression) and a drain plug. Bailing function is not needed. Dock height shall be field verified by the contractor. Construction/Bulk Waste: (1) 35-yard open top steel walk in bulk roll-off container for construction and bulk waste removal Scrap Metal: (1) 20 cubic yard open-top low-profile dock height steel roll off container for scrap Yard waste: (1) 8 cubic yard steel dumpster container for yard waste. Container shall have two top flip lids with a sliding door on each side with bottom drain plug. The container shall be sealed lock tamper resistant. This system requires a tamper resistant locking system as well as the RTCMS setup that shall be transferred to each new container as they are delivered. On-Call: (1) On-call 40-yard walk in steel roll-off container, to be made available when requested by the COR. Installation shall be temporary. (Only Container that shall not have a RTCMS installed.) PICKUPS: Waste collection and recycling services are to be performed on all Contractor-owned and GFE containers. The Contracting Officer Representative shall designate staff to receive the contractor on site for pickups. The Government requires services as required by the RTCMS System or notification by the COR for non-RTCMS containers. There shall be no penalty or additional costs incurred shall the facility require more or less than the estimated pickups or disposal volume outlined in the schedule of costs. Pickups shall be managed by the RTCMS. The contractor shall monitor this system and when the system alerts the contractor and the facility that a container is at 70% of its capacity a next day pickup order shall be issued and executed. The Contractor shall arrange for a routine (non- emergency) service for each waste container based on system notification only. Removal of the wastes shall be normally performed during the hours of 04:00 AM and 08:00 AM, Monday through Saturday, excluding federal holidays. The federal holidays are: New Year s Day 1 January Martin Luther King Day 3rd Monday in January Presidents Day 3rd Monday in February Memorial Day Last Monday in May Independence Day 4 July Labor Day 1st Monday in September Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October Veteran s Day 11 November Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November Christmas Day 25 December Any day deemed a holiday by the President of the United States RECYCLING REQUIREMENTS: This contract provides for the generation of revenue from recycled materials for the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center. The contractor shall be required to provide recycling services for the following waste streams at a minimum in conjunction with Section 14, Green Environment Management System (GEMS) Recycling Program, for all Contractor-owned and GFE containers: All cardboard in the waste stream that is clean and able to be recycled shall be recycled based on industry returns for the Detroit Metro area or better All scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous, in the waste stream shall be recycled based on industry returns for the Detroit Metro area or better. Scrap metal currently averages twice a month pickup and the average weight is 2.2 tons per year. Blue wrap Construction and Demolition Debris (consisting of paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastic, drywall, wire, concrete, roofing materials and metals). Detroit VAMC is not currently recycling Blue Wrap. Once this has been established, it is estimated that 100-150 pounds would be recycled per week. The expectation for this waste stream is that the contractor shall provide a means to recycle this waste based on these major inputs: Wood for Energy Generation Bricks, Concreate, Stones for Aggregate Materials and new concreate or asphalt Expensive Plasterboard for new plasterboard EMERGENCY SERVICES: Contractor shall have the capability to provide emergency response service twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, including holidays. This includes overflow of waste that was not detected by the RTCMS system or as requested by the COR due to emergency operations in the medical center that impact medical center operations, health and safety. During emergency service the contractor shall provide a walk-in bulk waste container dropped at the location designated by the COR. Emergency Pickups shall be managed by the COR. A request shall be made by the COR to the contractor for specific containers based on the emergent needs of the facility. Emergency requests shall be executed, if possible, within 4 hours of the request, but no later than the next day. 5.4.3 The Contractor shall provide the following, items 1-7, for the Base Period- Option Year 4: 1.General Waste Removal Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 2.Cardboard Compacting Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 3.Construction Bulk Waste Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 4.Scrap Metal Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 5.Yard Waste Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 6.On-Call 40-yard walk in steel roll-off container, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 7.Emergency Pick-up Services, Quantity: 12, Unit of Measure: Month 8.Consultation, waste auditing and assistance to establish a recycling program to reduce overall solid waste, Base period: Quantity 1, Unit of Measure EA. Option Year 1-Option Year 4, Quantity 2, Unit of Measure EA. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: The contractor shall maintain a recurring maintenance schedule to ensure proper up time of all contractor owned and GFE. The contractor shall submit a maintenance plan for all contractor-owned equipment including general cleaning, oiling and their recurring maintenance that shall ensure a consistently operating system. This shall be at no additional cost to the Government. The contractor shall provide a recommended maintenance plan for the GFE listed above required to operate the waste management system in compliance with manufacturers recommendations. This shall be at no additional cost to the government and shall be included as a part of the contract. Repairs due to normal operation may be required from time to time for GFE listed above. The contractor shall repair and maintain GFE in working order at contractor expense. shall provide a price list as a part of their contract bid for the cost of repair services to include parts, materials and supplies. MEETINGS: The contractor shall be required to attend monthly meetings with the Detroit VA Medical Center Hospital Housekeeping Officer or his delegated representative and the COR to provide monthly reports on waste processed, recycled, and planning for upcoming medical center needs. Meetings may take place virtually or at the Detroit VA Medical Center at the preference of the Hospital Housekeeping Officer. In the event contract deficiencies arise, meetings may be held on a more frequent basis to resolve a specific issue/s. REPORTS AND DOCUMENTATION: The Contractor shall provide the COR an electronic invoice and detailed solid waste (weight in pounds) report that clearly outline each charge for services provided to this facility monthly, unless otherwise instructed. The Contractor shall provide a sales receipt for recyclable materials, no later than the 30-days following the sales month. Further recycling information is found in Section 14, GEMS Recycling Program, below. The Contractor is required to comply with all Federal, State and local regulations, policies and procedures regarding tracking, record keeping, manifesting and documentation of all non-hazardous wastes. The contractor shall be required to comply with all changes to such Federal, State and local regulations and procedures which occur during the term of this contract. The Contractor shall provide to the Government any additional certifications that may be required due to changes in such laws. The Contractor shall provide all manifests, land bans, certificates of destruction and recycling, and documentation that apply to the removal and disposal of non-hazardous, and recycled material activities conducted by its workforces and/or its subcontractors for the Detroit VAMC. The Contractor shall furnish a properly executed and legible copy of the appropriate manifests required to document the safe shipment and proper disposal of wastes covered under this contracted generated by the Government under the terms of this contract. All manifests, waste determinations, waste generation data, shipping information and other data required for the proper execution of this contract shall be maintained by the contractor in an electronic database format that is exportable through a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access format. This system shall enable tracking of generator status, generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports, and enable tracking of compliance dates. Historical data shall be provided to the contractor upon award in MS Excel format. The contractor shall maintain and submit the same data monthly to the Government. Data shall include at minimum total volumes/weights of waste disposed of, container sizes pulled, and dates pulled/dumped. Attachment to be provided by Jahmal. Contractor shall have a centralized waste tracking system that can be used via the internet and that can export all waste data to the VA via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Access database, or other manner approved by the Hospital Housekeeping Officer. The centralized tracking system shall include a centralized database for all waste characterizations and determinations, a scanned or electronic copy of each manifests, methods of final (end) disposal, final (end) disposal sites, monthly, quarterly and annual waste generation reports by container, details of each invoice, anticipated and actual costs of each shipment, and a tracking system for each waste container. The Contractor shall collect and provide all data needed for input annually into the facility s waste Tracker System via an annual electronic Solid Waste and Recycling Reports to the COR no later than December 29 of each year. The Contractor shall conduct a waste stream audit assessment of what items are being recycled and which ones they could be enhance and improve and how. The Contractor shall author a comprehensive recycling plan presenting options to the Hospital Housekeeping Officer on the best recycling opportunities that exist that would either generate monetary returns or offset waste removal costs for the facility. This audit shall be conducted annually. Same as 8.4 REAL TIME MONITORING OF WASTE CONTAINERS: The Detroit VA Medical Center shall be able to continuously monitor the system using the RTCMS at no additional cost nor limitation on how many times Detroit Waste Management Staff are able to access the system. The information shall be up to date within 3-5 minutes. The real time monitoring system shall be able to be installed on all waste containers by the contractor to include the open tops, with the exception of on-call, temporarily installed containers. The pickup of electronically monitored waste containers shall be based on notification from the monitoring system. The system shall measure the depth of the waste in the container whether solid of liquid. The sensors shall not have any blind spots which would impede the accuracy of the waste monitoring and reports. The monitoring system shall be able to provide the following minimum information: Service verification tracks each time the container is moved and where it is located. Fill capacity of the container, how much waste is in the container at the time of the review. A live look at waste capacity of the system. Time when containers are being serviced. Quantity of waste in the container. Download of report to Microsoft Excel on demand. The contractor shall maintain the RTCMS s operational up time to above 90% each month. If the RTCMS system is not functioning. The COR shall make requests for waste stream pickups in the RTCMS place. The contractor shall treat these notifications as if they are coming from the RTCMS. UNALLOWABLE CHARGES: Additional charges such as delivery fees, environmental fees, fuel surcharges, or relocation of trash containers on VA grounds, shall NOT be billed for, or collected from the Government under this contract. LICENSES AND PERMITS: The Contractor shall, without additional cost to the Government, provide and maintain all licenses and permits for operational personnel, trailers, containers, vehicles and other resources required for proper removal of hazardous and non- hazardous chemical waste in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, Municipal, and local regulations (e.g. OSHA, DEA, EPA, DEP, 49 CFR (DOT). If appropriate licenses are not maintained in accordance with Federal and State requirements, the VA may terminate the contract effective upon discovery. The VA reserves the right to halt work if the COR determine work is being done in an unsafe/unhealthy manner or that could harm the environment. VA shall not incur additional costs if work is halted for good cause. The following shall be provided to the Contracting Officer with bid proposal submission for evaluation purposes and annually (September 1st) to the COR with any changes to original submission clearly identified and highlighted: Current State waste transporter permit(s) Proof of licensing in State of Michigan database for solid waste disposal companies and haulers List of all transfer stations, treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) including incineration, wastewater and sludge treatment facilities that shall be utilized during this contract to include the capacity of these facilities and the waste codes for the waste streams they are permitted to accept by treatment technology. Address, phone number, EPA identification number and other contact information shall be provided. The VA reserves the right to inspect each of these facilities before approving its use or at any time prior to, during or after contract period. Copy of Operator permit(s) allowing the dumping of waste in the State of Michigan. Contractor shall certify that it acknowledges and is in possession of all required business licenses and permits. Provide a plan describing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that shall be followed while conducting normal non-hazardous waste management activities. The contractor shall describe: Site safety and contingency procedures (e.g. spill management). Quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure materials are properly identified, categorized, and packaged, and paperwork is properly completed. Types of materials licensed to haul. Latest DOT certifications and licenses The MDOT compliance record. Description of driver qualifications including training programs, and experience. The usage of any alternative fueled vehicles and or use of alternative fuels List of employees that shall be providing services, their training and experience and copies of their CDL. Contractor's emergency response procedure shall describe: Procedure on how to request an emergency response. How the contractor notifies personnel and initiates response action. Incident command procedures followed by the contractor. ER work practices. ER protection of health and safety practices. KEY POINTS: Shall be able to legally operate in State of Michigan, Wayne County, City of Detroit. Shall be able to maintain all equipment in working order. Operating in a safe manner. CAPABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Contract employees who perform services under this contract shall be competent, experienced and qualified to perform such services listed herein. To make this determination the following information shall be provided: Education Certifications Years of experience minimum 5 years Licenses held All work performed shall be in accordance with established good waste management practices. The Contractor shall submit proof of appropriate training and experience for vendor personnel performing services under this contract. Any subcontractor utilized by the Prime Contractor for the provision of services required under this contract shall meet the same qualifications specified herein for the Prime Contractor. The Prime Contractor shall obtain approval from the Contracting Officer for any subcontractor to be utilized for the provision of services required under the contract. IDENTIFICATION, CHECK-IN, PARKING, AND SMOKING REGULATIONS: The vendor's employees shall always wear visible identification while on VA premises. Contractor employees shall report to 4646 John R. Street Detroit Michigan 48201 to the facility COR Office in the lower level room number LL259, Environmental Management Office prior to commencement of any work. During off-hours emergency response activities contractor personnel shall check in with VA Police if the VA COR or designee is not available. Smoking is prohibited inside any buildings at the VA. Possession of weapons or contraband is prohibited and shall subject contractor employee to arrest and termination from future performance under this contract. Enclosed containers, including tool kits, shall be subject to search. Violations of VA regulations may result in citation answerable in the United States (Federal) District Court, not a local district, state, or municipal court. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS In the performance of this contract, the Contractor shall take such safety precautions as the COR or his/her designee may determine to be reasonably necessary to protect the lives and health of VA patients, visitors, staff and the general public: Safe operation of vehicles on medical center property. Ensures that waste spills are cleaned up prior to departure from the site. Ensure that vehicles are properly maintained in accordance with DOT requirements and do not create a hazard. Ensures that container is properly connected to the installed compactors and safety devices installed are operational and in use. Other safety guidelines as outlined by the EPA and DOT. The COR or his/her designee will notify the Contractor of any noncompliance with the foregoing provisions as well as the recommended corrective action. The Contractor shall, after receipt of such notice, immediately correct the conditions to which attention has been directed. Such notice, when served in person on the Contractor or his/her representative at the site of work, or telephonically to Contractor s designated representative, shall be deemed enough for the purpose of the previously mentioned. If the Contractor fails or refuses to comply immediately to satisfactorily abate the hazardous condition or situation, the Contracting Officer may issue an order stopping all or any part of the work and hold the Contractor in material breach of this contract. INCLEMENT WEATHER SCHEDULE The Contractor shall collect recyclable material during periods of inclement weather. In cases of severe weather, the COR may authorize exceptions. When exceptions are granted, the Contractor shall accomplish all missed collections within 24 hours after the severe weather has terminated with no additional cost to the Government. The CO or COR may authorize additional time to accomplish missed services as appropriate for weather conditions. GEMS RECYCLING PROGRAM: CONTRACT OBJECTIVES: To divert materials currently going to the landfill by seeking opportunities for maximizing recycling material sales. The John D. Dingell VA Medical Center wishes to collaborate with the Contractor on this initiative to meet goals and improved resource efficiency. Pursue continuous improvement in resource efficiency (increased diversion through reuse, recycle, composting, waste to energy conversion), take the lead role in identifying, designing, and implementing innovative, cost-effective means to increase diversion of solid waste and increase recycling revenue with the additional benefits of reducing refuse collection and disposal costs. Optimize current hauling, garbage disposal, and recycling operations and services to reduce overall waste management system costs. Develop a detailed tracking, reporting, and billing/invoicing system (date of service, type of recycling, weight of each recycling type), to support the goal setting, performance tracking, and decision-making ability. The VA shall collaborate with the selected contractor to conduct educational training and outreach as necessary, including but not limited to solid waste segregation and recycling procedures or waste minimization. The contractor shall recycle all available income-generating recyclable materials to commercial recycling facilities and will document these transactions and share in the proceeds as referenced in Sections 14.2 and 14.3. RECYCLING SALES RECEIPTS: The Contractor shall provide the COR and VA Finance Payment Center an electronic (a clear and understandable copy) sales receipt for recyclable materials, no later than the 30-days following the sales month. The sales receipt shall contain, at a minimum the name of the recycled materials sold, weight (in pounds), cost to recycle, and/or revenue received from the sale of the recycled item. A Recycling Report summary of these receipts/checks shall be totaled and submitted by the contractor to the COR on a quarterly basis. REVENUE GENERATION FOR RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Contractor shall issue a check to the Government for 75% of the revenue generated by recycled materials on a monthly basis in arrears. Contractor shall be entitled to keep 25% of all revenue generated from recyclable materials under this contract. The amount shall be derived from the presentation of recycling sales receipts as stated in Section 14.2 above. Payment shall be made out to Department of Veteran Affairs-Agent Cashier (Control Point 3418). PERFORMANCE MONITORING: The contract service requirements are summarized in performance objectives that relate directly to mission essential items. The performance threshold briefly describes the minimally acceptable levels of service required for each requirement. The Services Summary (SS) and the Contractor s Quality Control Plan (QCP) provide information on contract requirements, the expected level of Contractor performance, and the expected method of government validation and confirmation of services provided. These thresholds are critical to mission success. Procedures as set forth in the FAR 52.212-4 (a), Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items, Inspection/Acceptance, will be used to remedy all deficiencies. During the first initial 30 days of the contract, two additional errors on each Performance Objective shall be allowed in an effort to identify normal phase-in problems. SERVICES SUMMARY: Performance Objective # PWS Para Performance Objective Performance Threshold SS1 5.1.2 Provide the required containers No more than five (5) inspection defects per month. SS2 7 Install RTCMS on all containers and compactors except on-call containers as prescribed in the PWS No more than three (3) inspection defects per year. SS3 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 Collect and dispose of recyclable materials, maintain/clean all equipment as required, and repair as needed in accordance with the established schedule as prescribed in the PWS. No more than five (5) inspection defects per month and not to exceed five (5) valid customer complaints per month. SS4 5.4 Perform emergency pick-ups in accordance with the established schedule as prescribed in the PWS No more than three (3) inspection defects per year. SS5 5.6 Attended all meetings as required by the PWS and COR No more than three (3) missed meetings per year. SS6 7 Maintain the RTCMS s operations up time above 90% each month No more than three (3) inspection defects per year. SS7 9 Contractor maintains all licenses and permits as required to perform services in accordance with the PWS No more than (1) inspection defects per year. SS8 14 Performs recycling services in accordance with Section 14, GEMS Recycling Program, by providing accurate monthly data and on time payments of 85% of recycling revenue generated No more than five (5) inspection defects per month and not to exceed five (5) valid customer complaints per month. QUALITY CONTROL The Contractor shall have a QCP to ensure that the performance is in accordance with the standards established within this PWS. The Contractor shall implement procedures to identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. As a minimum, the Contractor shall have quality control procedures addressing the areas identified in paragraph 2, Services Summary. Quality control records shall be maintained throughout the contract performance period and for the period after contract completion until final settlement of any claims under this contract. The QCP is one of the standards with which the Contractor shall comply and against which COR personnel will measure Contractor performance. After acceptance by the Government, this plan becomes a compliance document QUALITY ASSURANCE The Government shall inspect and evaluate the Contractor s performance to ensure services are received in accordance with requirements set forth in this PWS. The Contractor shall provide work schedules to the COR in accordance with paragraph 4.3 of this PWS. The COR shall inspect by validating actual work performance, physically checking an attribute of the completed task, checking a management information report, investigating customer complaints, conferring with facility managers, or otherwise inspecting the task or its results to determine whether or not performance meets the standards contained in this PWS. The COR will use the Contractor s work schedule or modified versio...