Direct Motor

Subject: Direct Motor
Solicitation Number: SPE7MX22R0019
Notice Type: PRESOL
NAICS: 335312
Notice Published: 11-23-21
Response Due: 12-06-21

Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Contact: Ty Phipps This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (614) 692-6875
Office Address: COLUMBUS, OH 43218-3990
Place of Performance: Columbus, OH 43218

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This solicitation will be issued to establish an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) that will provide stock Replenishment coverage in support of military depots. The proposed procurement contains an option to extend the contract period one or more times at the discretion of the government. The total duration (3 BASE YEARS plus 2 option years) and shall not exceed 5 years. This acquisition is for supplies for which the Government does not possess complete, unrestrictive technical data; therefore, the Government intends to solicit and contract with only approved sources under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2304(c) (1). Currently Section B will contain four (4) NSNs managed by DLA Land and Maritime. See below: NSN: 5915013344931 Nomenclature: FILTER ASSEMBLY,ELE Approved Sources ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS LLC 73760 P/N 107478DM Estimated Annual Demand Quantity: 11 EA NSN: 5950006233611 Nomenclature: COIL,ELECTRICAL Approved Sources ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS LLC 73760 P/N 81R434 Estimated Annual Demand Quantity: 51 EA NSN: 6105008225163 Nomenclature: MOTOR, DIRECT CURRENT Approved Sources ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS LLC 73760 P/N 106537A100 Estimated Annual Demand Quantity: 178 EA NSN: 6105008960190 Nomenclature: MOTOR,DIRECT CURRENT Approved Sources ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS LLC 73760 P/N 102650JB Estimated Annual Demand Quantity: 29 EA The solicitation will be available on or about December 3rd, 2021 at While price may be a significant factor in the evaluation of offers, the final award decision will be based upon a combination of price, delivery, proposed delivery, and other evaluation factors as will be described in the solicitation. All responsible sources may submit an offer/quote which shall be considered. Drawings/specifications will not be available through BSM DIBBS. TYPE OF SET-ASIDE: UNRESTRICTED