Project #P185-U Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC), Portland, Oregon

Subject: Project #P185-U Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC), Portland, Oregon
Solicitation Number: N4425522R2000
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 236220
Set-Aside: Total Small Business
Notice Published: 11-24-21
Response Due: 12-06-21

Agency: Department of the Navy
Contact: JOANNA LOVETT-BLACK This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (360) 315-5003
Office Address: SILVERDALE, WA 98315-1101

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Amendment 0003: The purpose of Amendment 0003 is to provide revised specification page changes, geotechnical report, drawings, and responses to inquiries submitted by interested offerors. Amendment 0002: The purpose of Amendment 0002 is to incorporate revised specification page changes and provide responses to Contractor Pre-ProposalInquires (PPI). Additional items include incorporation of FAR 52.228-1, Bid Guarantee- (SEP 1996), and DFARS 252.223-7999 (Deviation)2021-O0009) (OCT 2021). All changes are detailed on page 2 of the amendment. Amendment 0001A (official SF30): The Standard Form (SF) 30 for all changes within the solicitation is hereby posted. The SF30 31 is the official document for effecting all solicitation changes as of 8 Nov 2021. The date and time for receipt of proposals has been extended until 1000 Hours (PST) on December 6, 2021. The site visit for this solicitation has been changed to November 17, 2001. The Government responses to interested offerors questions (PPIs) are provided in Amendment 0001. All other information and requirements contained in this solicitation for establishing the site visit remains unchanged. This amendment does not effect any change in the scope of work.Project P185U. Construct an addition to Building 1 at Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC), Portland, Oregon. Amendment 0001: Notification of the change in the date of the site visit. Work Description: The addition will provide space for training, an administration, and support functions including restrooms/locker rooms, storage, and an auditorium for the Navy Reserve Units assigned to NOSC Portland, Oregon. Upon completion of the construction, the constructed addition to Building 1 at NOSC, Portland, Oregon, will be used to provide space for training, administration, and support functions including restrooms/locker rooms, storage, and an auditorium for the Navy Reserve Units assigned to the NOSC Portland, Oregon. However, the resultant contract will not be a supply or material contract. An organized Site Visit has been scheduled for -Date: November 17, 2021Time: 1000 (Pacific Standard Time) Participants will meet at the following location for the pre-proposal conference:6735 N. Basin Ave, Portland, OR 97217 / Building 1, Room 234 will be the location for the meeting.SEE FAR 52.236-27 for more information. Solicitation N4425522R2000, inclusive of its sections A-K (Forms) and the specs and drawings are set forth in the Attachments section herein. Offerors are informed to pay particular attention to Attachment E as it set forth the PIEE Solicitation Module Vendor Access Instructions and specifically the instructions for submitting an offer. Solicitation N4425522R2000 is to be read in its entirety for proposal submission requirements. *Visit '' to obtain more details.*