Solicitation Number: 70Z039-22-Q-PFD02000
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 561210
Notice Published: 11-24-21
Response Due: 12-07-21

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Contact: Noel M. Filipinas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (860) 444-8378
Office Address: GROTON, CT 06340
Place of Performance: New London, CT 06320

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The contractor shall furnish all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision to repair and replace components to the elevator units in Satterlee Hall, Johnson Hall and Waesche Hall IAW industry standards and applicable law requirements. Performance task to be perform in Satterlee Hall and Johnson Hall: Remove and properly dispose of all oil to include the removal of any excess oil from the elevator pit and clean the pit with an appropriate cleaning solution recommended by ANSI. Remove the damaged seals, residual oil and then install the new seals. Fill the oil reservoir with new oil to its optimum operating level. Performance task to be perform in Waesche Hall: - Remove the oil deposit into approved containers to include the removal of any sediment from the bottom of the tank. - Remove and replace the existing power unit(s). The power unit replacement includes the motor, pump, hydraulic valve, muffler, oil reservoir tank, hydraulic fluid, isolation assembly and all necessary hardware. Existing controller and oil line shall remain and be reused. - Remove and replace the expansion tank. - Install new pump and associated equipment and piping. - Replace the solid-state control board/starter. The new solid-state control board/starter shall have built-in protection for overload conditions, reverse phase, and loss of phase to shut down the elevator and prevent component damage unlike mechanical starting contacts, which can fuse, shut or operate improperly under incorrect phase/voltage conditions causing major component failure. - Fill the oil reservoir with new oil to its optimum operating level. 2. Upon completion of all the above work to the three elevator units, the contractor shall test each elevator for safe operation. 3. The contractor shall schedule all work with Mr. Gary Jones @ 860-444-8565. All works shall be performed between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday unless previously authorized by Mr. Gary Jones. 4. The period of performance is 30 days from date of award to 31 January 2022. SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT (SAM) Required to submit a bid package: The selected consultant must have an active System for Award Management (SAM) System registration. Registration is free of charge, with a valid Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number uniquely identifying their business in order for payment(s) to be made by the U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center (acquiring a DUNS number is also free, but may take up to 30 days). See https://www.sam.gov/SAM/ and https://www.dnb.com/duns-number.html for details. All responsible sources may submit a quotation, which if timely received, shall be considered by the agency. Vendors shall ensure to reference the solicitation number when submitting your quote. The selected offeror must comply with the following commercial item terms and conditions, in accordance with the FAR. Referenced FAR clauses are attached to this solicitation and may be accessed electronically at https://www.acquisition.gov/far/ | Firm-fixed-price contract, FAR 16.202, the contract is obligated to complete specified work in order to be entitled to payment of the fixed-price IAW payment clause at FAR 52.232-1 Payments (APR 1984). Preference 19.502-2 Small business set-aside | If no acceptable offers from responsible small business concerns are received, the set-aside shall be withdrawn and all acceptable offers will be accepted. Evaluation / Award Criteria This is a Firm Fixed-Price Contract, using Best Value in terms of lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) and most advantageous to the Government in terms of price and availability. At minimum, Companys RFQ package (quote) should include: The solicitation number; The name, address, and telephone number; Company Tax Information and DUNS number; A technical description of the items being offered in such detail to evaluate compliance with the all requirements in the solicitation (evaluation factors information and past academia performance). If the offer is not submitted on a SF1449, include a statement specifying the extant of agreement with all terms, conditions and provisions included in the solicitation. Offers that fail to furnish the required representations of information, or reject the terms, and conditions of the solicitation may be excluded from consideration. This solicitation is under DOL Service Contract Act & Wage Determination No. 2015-4111 Rev 18 dtd 10/20/2021 is to be used for reference only. QUESTIONS RFQ point of contacts for general technical question and or to request site visit: The USCG ACADEMY (USCGA) Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for this project is: Mr. Gary Jones @ 860-444-856 | Jones, Gary Wayne CIV USCG CG ACADEMY (USA) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RFQ solicitation package submittal & questions shall be submitted to Mr. David Palacios at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | PH: (860) 444-8245 ***RFQ packages, questions not received within a reasonable time prior to close of the solicitation may not be considered***